5 Step Solo Sexual Healing Session

There is a HUGE difference between a run of the mill masturbation session and a sacred self-pleasure/solo sexual healing session. Not that there’s anything wrong at all with regular ole masturbation, but if that is all you have ever experienced you are very much missing out on the powerful healing aspects of your solo sexy […]

The Tantra of Dying Well

What does it mean to have a “good death”? Is there a way to ensure that our end of life transition is peaceful? How can we support those friends and family who are in the end stages of life?   In this latest episode of Sex Is Medicine, Devi shares how she used Tantric practices […]

Why it takes a village to heal

One of my favorite trauma healing experts, Dr. Peter Levine, talks about the necessity of community to effectively heal trauma in the individual. He describes an experience he had in South America in which one of the female members of the tribe suffered the traumatic loss of her child, and how her village gathered to […]