Tantra Practice for Clearing Blocks and Creating Blessings

Traditional Tantra has many non-sexual practices for clearing blocks and generating “positive karma”. The basic understanding is that all pain we experience (mental, physical, emotional) is a result of previous non-virtuous or harmful actions. These “non-virtuous” past actions may have taken place in this lifetime, or previous lifetimes, which can make it difficult to make […]

5 Keys for Healing Sex!

One of our favorite sayings at Authentic Tantra is “Sex Is Medicine”. In fact, that’s the name of our weekly Tantra Radio Show! But the reality is, not every sexual experience we have is going to be considered healing sex. In fact, as we all know, many sexual experiences we have are quite the opposite. This […]

Tantric Union Practices for Healing

My first introduction to Tibetan Tantric Buddhism was through the Tibetan Five Element Sexual Tantras. The Tibetan Five Element Sexual Tantras are a method for harnessing sexual energy and using it to transform, awaken, and heal body, mind, and spirit. I was trained in these methods with the understanding that these were the foundational requirements […]

What Is The True Purpose of Tantra?

Tantra is becoming more and more of a buzzword these days, though what Tantra actually is remains a mystery for many people. The confusion about what Tantra is and is not stems primarily from the fact that there are various different styles and lineages of Tantric practice. True Tantra originated in India several thousand years […]

Why Tantra Absolutely IS About Sex

tantra is about sex

If you research traditional styles of Tantra, you will soon come to realize that Tantra, specifically Traditional Tibetan Tantra, is NOT primarily about sex. Then why does our brand of Tantra (which is rooted in Tibetan Tantric ideology), place so much emphasis on sexual pleasure and orgasm? Because Tantra at it’s core is medicine to […]