The Power of Pegging, Embracing Your Anus, Vaginal Orgasms + More!


It’s time again for another episode of Ask a Sexologist and we have a really juicy one for you TONIGHT! Find out what pegging is and how powerful pegging can be for your total pleasure! PLUS Devi, Karen, Sequieta, Rosie and Lucia answer your questions about sacred porn, embracing anal pleasure and experiencing vaginal orgasms! […]

What Gets in the Way of Your Pleasure? Top 3 Blocks to Bliss!

One of my absolute favorite things to teach people about are the over 11 different kinds of female orgasm. I love sharing this information not so that we as women can feel inadequate or broken in anyway if we are not experiencing all of these flavors of bliss, nor am I attempting to set a […]

The Great Orgasm Debate! Vaginal Vs. Clitoral Orgasms

For some reason, male sex researchers have chosen to research and publish articles declaring  there is no such thing as vaginal orgasms, and that the clitoris is the sole provider of female sexual pleasure. This medical declaration by someone who does not actually own a vagina serves to invalidate the experience of myself and thousands of […]