Yoni Egg 101:How to put it in, use it & take it out!

Your Yoni Egg practice can be a wonderful tool for awakening more sensitivity and pleasure in your lady bits. In fact, these practices originated in ancient China as a sexual health and longevity practice which have been shown to: Improve sexual response and sensation Balance hormones Alleviate vaginal dryness Mitigate menopausal symptoms Ease childbirth Prevent […]

Jade Ball “Yoni Yoga” for Better Orgasms!

There’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding jade ball and jade egg practices since Gwyneth Paltrow began promoting them on her website. But what are Jade Egg practices, and why the heck would you want to put stones in your vagina? Traditionally known as Vaginal Kung-fu- Jade Egg & Ben Wa Ball exercises originated […]