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About The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, or IATE as we like to say, is an online-based educational institute, dedicated to providing ethical and effective Tantric instruction to individuals and communities who are seeking a healthy, balanced, and sacred approach to every aspect of life, including sexuality!


We offer a secular approach to Tibetan Buddhist Tantric practice.


Our methods are rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Tantric practices, which are ancient shamanistic techniques designed to catalyze profound healing and transformation in the body, mind, emotions, and sexuality.


The Authentic Tantra® modality weaves these ancient lineage-based Tibetan Tantric practices with Taoist sexual yoga, compassionate communication (NVC), and somatic science to produce a potent and effective modality for sexual healing and personal realization.


Here at IATE, we believe that sexual pleasure is an integral aspect of our human experience, and that we must fully respect and embrace our sexual selves in order to be fully healthy, happy, and whole human beings.


The ancient tradition of Tibetan Five Element Tantra has given us potent methods for using our sexual energy as a tool for personal healing and spiritual growth. It is our goal and mission to share these teachings with you and the world at large, through the Institute and the modality of Authentic Tantra®.