Tantra for Healing Body, Mind and Sex!

Many spiritual traditions emphasize ignoring, overriding, and rejecting the body. The physical form is viewed as “lesser”  “unclean” and something that must be overcome in order to achieve spiritual realization.

Tantric Buddhism on the other hand teaches that the body IS Buddha, which means all wisdom and power is inherent in the human form.

In fact, according to this tradition, one cannot become fully realized WITHOUT a human form, and therefore the body is viewed as  something precious and sacred, as opposed to something that must be rejected and denied.

But how can we fully embrace our humanity without fully embracing, honoring and nurturing our sexuality?

How can we be “whole” when our relationship to our sexuality is so fragmented and broken, as it is for so many people in today’s society?

The modality of Authentic Tantra provides us with a set of highly effective methods for healing and integrating our sexuality back into the wholeness of our humanity.

Drawing upon both ancient and modern methods for healing and realization, Authentic Tantra creates a bridge between our infinite self and relative self, our mind and body, our sexuality and our spirituality, allowing us to experience the peace, joy, and freedom of being a fully integrated human being.

Understanding how to harness and use the healing power of your sexual energy is your BIRTHRIGHT. Authentic Tantra  gives you the tools to do this with efficacy and ease.


Watch this video or learn more about the healing power of Authentic Tantra.

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