Tantra Mastery Syllabus

The Tantra Mastery Holistic Healing program is a 4-month deep dive into the heart of Authentic Tantra®

Tantric healing principles are universally designed to heal on the level of the body, mind, and spirit. They catalyze massive transformation in the individual and are a comprehensive healing program for all humans.

In the past, Tantric teachings were often divided and instructed in binary terms. The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education Team realized that this method of approach did not serve the greatest good as it left out the thousands of people who did not fall within the binary framework.

In 2018 the team began strategizing ways to convert their programs to best serve all people.  In 2019 we changed our certification textbooks and curriculums to gender-neutral language that more accurately reflects the scope of the human experience.

As we move forward in the world, we will continually evaluate our programs and texts to be inclusive. This is a slow, but important, process and we are committed to serving all people.


Session 1
  • What is Tantra & where does it come from?
  • The 4 Pillars of Authentic Tantra and how they work
  • Setting Goals/Desires for the program
Session 2
  • Using the Tibetan 5 Elements as medicine
  • Intro to Tantric Meditation for Healing
  • Tibetan Tantric Healing Practices for Mind, Body and Spirit – Fire Element
  • Pelvic Floor Breathing
  • (optional) Taoist Yoga Practices
Session 3
  • Tibetan Healing Practices for Mind, Body and Spirit – Earth Element
  • Ocean Breath for healing trauma and expanding pleasure
  • Orgasmic Awareness Practice
  • (Lingam Owners) 4 stages of Sexual Mastery
Session 4
  • Tibetan Healing Practices for Mind, Body and Spirit – Space Element
  • Creating Sacred Space with the 5 elements
  • The 4 forms of pleasure
  • Discovering your 10 spot
  • Pleasure Journal for self-love and appreciation
Session 5
  • Tibetan Air element practice for activating your creative power.
  • (YONI OWNERS) Understanding the anatomy of the Yoni and arousal
  • (YONI OWNERS) Erogenous Zones of the Vulva and Vagina
  • (LINGAM OWNERS) Understanding Lingam anatomy and Internal Erectile Tissue
  • (LINGAM OWNERS) The Eastern science and healing benefits of semen retention
  • (LINGAM OWNERS) The practice of semen retention
Session 6
  • Tibetan Water element practice for pacifying anger
  • Somatic Healing for all people
  • Sacred Self Pleasure + Healing Massage
Session 7
  • Harnessing your sexual energy for healing and transformation with the Tibetan Five Element Sexual Yogas
  • Sexual and non-sexual practice
Session 8
  • Taoist Pelvic Floor Toning
  • 5 Core pelvic movements for somatic healing
Session 9
  • NVC – as self-inquiry & partner communication
  • Connecting with feelings and needs
Session 10
  • NVC review
  • Sexual self-awareness
Session 11
  • Tantric Speech
  • 5 principles of sexual communication
  • Tantric Union Breathing for Partners
Session 12
  • Catch up and Review
  • Integrating Tantra into life
Session 13
  • Follow-up (after 4-week break)
  • Review Goals
  • Additional Reading and Support



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Tantra Mastery Instructors

Below you will find a list of our instructors including a short bio.

Once you choose your preferred instructor please note this on your application.

Karen Faculty NEW

Karen Cornick

Senior Certification Instructor and Director of Tantra Mastery Program

Laurie New 2023

Laurie McCracken

Senior Certification Instructor


Ahmane’ Glover

Certification and Tantra Mastery Instructor


Lucia Vasquez

Certification and Tantra Mastery Instructor, Student Liaison

Nicole Circle

Nicole Winston

Certification and Tantra Mastery Instructor, Certification Program Assistant Director


Sequieta Whitfield

Certification and Tantra Mastery Instructor

People all over the world have successfully completed the Tantra Mastery program and have received profound healing and transformation in every area of their life!

Our personalized Tantra Coaching Program offers the most powerful and effective, lineage-based Tantric healing methods for overcoming sexual dysfunction, healing emotional/spiritual/sexual trauma and awakening more pleasure, more joy, more connection, more LOVE in every area of your life.

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