Tantra Meditation Class For Alleviating Anxiety!

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We invite you to join us for a Tantra Meditation class to cultivate peace, alleviate anxiety and boost your energetic immune system!


IATE Co-Founder, Alaina Salks, will be leading us through the Tibetan Tantra Space Element Meditation practice.


In the Tibetan 5 Element healing system, the space element works directly with your heart center to help ease turbulent emotions, open the heart, and help you feel more connected to yourself and your environment.


The need for social distancing right now may cause many people to feel isolated. Space element meditation is quite literally the antidote to the experience of separation and gives you a concrete and effective method for cultivating an inner sense of connection, harmony, and peace.


This meditation class is a FREE online offering for our community to support you through these turbulent times.


This online class will consist of:


  • The space element meditation practices as taught in the Shangpa Kagyu lineage
  • How, when, and where to practice
  • Brief discussion and Q&A


Join us for this powerful practice below!


* Click here to download the 20-minute meditation practice!


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