Tantra Tools for Healing!

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Our favorite products and “tools”

For Authentic Tantra® Sexual Healing Sessions…

The Butters

Sensual Enrichment for Tantric Healing Sessions


Sensual Enrichment Gift Pack for Soothing Tantric Healing Sessions

Can be used for solo or couples sexual healing sessions.



Cultivate self-love through the sacred art of self pleasure!

Can be used for solo or couples sexual healing sessions.



Nourish your intentions and find your purpose in this Tantric Connection Gift Pack for Couples


Lucite Wands

for Solo G-spot and Prostate Healing Massage

The LA-Wand

Our most recommended product for both men and women!

The LA-Wand is often preferred for rectal use or vaginal (with a narrow vaginal shape) due to its thinner width. The longer length of the LA-Wand makes it extra useful for larger individuals or for those with limited mobility.

The V-Wand

The V-Wand‘s dual releaseends include a wider opposable thumb shape and a finger-tip like tapered end for easier insertion and for more precise contact. The V-Wand can be used vaginally or rectally and is often preferred for vaginal use due to its thicker width. 

The Pocket Wand!

Take it with you!

The Pocket-Wand’s small size, with a length of 5.5 inches long and its unique design and organically shaped release end make this wand a perfect traveling companion for manual massage and trigger point release.

Brown + Black Yoni/Lingam Models

For Teaching Sexual Healing Methods

Yomi Teas

Aphrodisiac tea blends hand crafted by certified Sexologist, Authentic Tantra® Practitioner Tyomi Morgan and Teen Chopped Champion & Herbal Specialist Chef Shania. This is a collaborative effort between two black owned brands: Conjure Tea and Pleasure Coach Tyomi.

Cherry Cordial

Deep, rich, and velvety. This seductive blend of Cherries, Cocoa, Jasmine, Earl Grey, and Damiana Leaf is as potent as it is delicious. Perfect hot, iced, or spiked with your favorite liqueur. A tea lover’s dream!

Peach Passion

Bursting with the flavor of succulent peaches this herbal blend is sure to inspire passion with every sip. This magical combination of Peaches, Ginger, Jasmine, Damiana Leaf, and Lemon Verbena will tantalize the taste buds and soothe the soul.


Magic in every sip, this herbal blend is meant to captivate and delight the senses. A unique blend of Cherry, Rose Petals, Ginger, Vanilla, and Damiana Leaf. This tea is best served hot or cold and shared with friends and family.


Let this bright and flavorful blend entice your taste buds. With each sip being more alluring than the last. Peaches, CTC Assam, Rose Petal, Ginger, and Damiana Leaf make this incredible tea something to be enjoyed whether alone or with others.

Each tea can be purchased either as loose leaf or in tea bags, and a sample pack of all four blends is also available. Each loose leaf tea comes with a strainer for steeping.

Best Lubes for Yoni Healing!

Aloe Cadabra is an all-natural organic personal lubricant that contains 95% organic Aloe Vera in every tube. Soothing and healing – ideal for women who struggle with vaginal pain. Perfect for internal stimulation.


Yoni Bliss arrived as a whiff of a dream in the form of a Homeopathic Lubricant. Yoni Bliss also became a calling, a movement, a manifesto to Reclaim and Embody more and more of our Feminine Selves. Reclaim our health, reclaim our vitality, reclaim our knowing.


The Butters Lube

The Butters Lube is one of Devi’s FAVORITES! It’s a vegan, oil-based personal lubricant formulated to be slick, never sticky, mild tasting, non-toxic, pH balanced, plays well with all body safe materials, and extremely long lasting but easy to clean up.


Recommended reads to support your Tantra practice

Check out our personal favourites below!

Featured Reads!

The Story of All of Us by Lama Karma Rinchen

Celebrate Your Body! (and its changes too!)
by Sonya Renee Taylor

These are My Eyes, This is My Nose, This is My Vulva, These are My Toes
by Lexx Brown James

Karmamudra: The Yoga of Bliss by Nida Chenagtsang

Shake Your Soul Song by Devi Ward Erickson

Shake Your Soul Song
by Devi Ward

Extended Massive Orgasm
by Steve Bodansky

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal
by Sheri Winston

by Naomi Wolf

The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity
by Daniel P. Reid

The Multi-Orgasmic Man
by Mantak Chia

Non-Violent Communication
by Marshall Rosenberg

The Orgasmic Prescription for Women
by Andrea Pennington

Healing With Form, Energy, And Light
by Tenzin Wangyal

Feeding Your Demons
by Tsultrim Allione

Women of Wisdom
by Tsultrim Allione

Meet Me In Hard-to-Love Places
by Eric Bowers

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