Tantric Accomplishments for Modern Times!

500 hours and 11 months of intensive training in the field of Tantra and Sexology came to an end on November 11th, 2018 when 12 extraordinary human beings completed their final exams and graduated from the Authentic Tantra® Certification Program.

These final exams are no joke! They consist of each student participating in approximately 40 hours of verbal instruction and visual demonstration over 4.5 days.

This intensely concentrated and immersive environment produces exquisite gems of teaching excellence, which are truly breathtaking to behold.

Authentic Tantra® graduate Brion Craig slayed us with his demonstration of healing and awakening passion with Tantric Movement.

Mackensey Alexander delighted us with the clarity of her innate wisdom and depth of comprehension for the healing power of these teachings.

Tyomi Morgan Najieb made my heart sing as she taught me the Five Elements of Tantric Dance.

The list goes on and on and on and on.

Every single one of our graduates unearthed magic from within them and revealed the potency of their individual practice over these last 11 months.

Every single one of our graduates lit our hearts’ on fire at some point during their exams and reaffirmed for us the power and integrity of these teachings, this program, and the uniquely wonderful people who are attracted to the holistic healing modality of Authentic Tantra®.


Help us celebrate their wonderful accomplishments in the video below 🙂

The modality of Authentic Tantra® is rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Healing Practices, which stem from a 2,600-year-old lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism. These practices help align you with your true and ultimate nature by clearing away obstructions or “blocks” which prevent you from experiencing the bliss, joy, peace, and empowerment which are your birthright.

Authentic Tantra® methods incorporate these ancient wisdom practices into somatic sexual healing methods, movement, dance, and compassionate communication to make a well rounded and holistic modality which is accessible and easily applied to our western lifestyle.

Find out more about how you can learn Authentic Tantra® HERE


Click here to become a Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner

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