4 Step Tantric Intimacy Practice for Couples

The Classical Tantric Buddhist texts “The Yogini Tantras” describe intimate relationships between men and women as “treasures”, and outline various intimacy practices for enhancing sexual pleasure and utilizing that energy for the healing and spiritual realization of both partners.
It is also clearly stated in these texts that LOVE between the two parties is what fuels the transformation of sexual energy into spiritual awakening.
In fact, in her book “Passionate Enlightenment”, female Buddhist scholar Miranda Shaw describes the traditional tantric buddhist relationship as one of “great passion, intimacy, LOVE, and devotion”.
Most couples agree that they feel more emotionally, mentally, and physically connected with each other after being sexually intimate, but generally that yummy feeling of mutual connection begins to wane over time, overwhelmed by all the pressing details of home, work, kids, etc.
Feelings of disconnection can also lead to arguments and fights, which make it more difficult for couples to find their way back to that deep sense of connection, which is the backbone of you life together as a family.
So how do couples consistently maintain a more intimate connection in and OUT of the bedroom?


We practice, recommend, and teach Authentic Tantra Breathing practices to help maintain and enrich that yummy feeling of connection in every area of your life.


This video shares a simple 4 Step Tantric Intimacy Practice for Couples, which uses the power of your breath, combined with visualization, to sync your heart, your mind, and your energy body.

Step #1 – Sitting in front of each other, face to face, place the palm of your right hand over your partner’s heart center. You have chakras (energy centers) in the palm of each hand, and placing it directly over your partners heart center allows for a transfer of energy between you.


Step #2 – Look into each other’s eyes, starting by focusing left eye- to- left eye. The left eye is considered to be “yin” and receptive, so when you are making focused eye contact you are receiving each other, while allows for feelings of vulnerability and safety to arise.


Direct prolonged eye contact stimulates oxytocin, the “bonding hormone”, and also triggers the vagus nerve which allows the nervous system to relax.


Step #3 – Now exchange your breath by alternating your inhale and exhale. For example; one partner will exhale through their mouth at the same time as the other partner inhale through their nose. Then that partner will exhale through their mouth while the starting partner inhales their nose, and so on and so forth. You are literally exchanging each other’s breath. Continue breathing in this alternate exchange until it becomes comfortable and easy.


Step #4 – Now add light! Adding rainbow colored light to this breathing practice enhances the healing power of your breath and helps focus your minds’ together and begins syncing your brain wave patterns!


To do this, simply imagine that you are inhaling and exhaling rainbow colored light with every breath.
Continue practicing this rainbow colored light breath exchange until you lose all sense of time and place. At this point your energy centers and brain wave patterns should be harmonized and you will have entered into an altered state of consciousness together!


When you agree to end the intimacy practice, take a few moments to “check in” by sharing how you feel in your body and heart, and what you experienced during the practice.


Then, if you both enjoyed it, you can make a date to try it again!


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