Tantric Words For Sexual Anatomy!

The words we use to talk about our genitals/sexual anatomy matter! Words carry a vibration and can serve to connect or alienate.

In Tantra, the words we use to describe our sexual anatomy are rooted in the understanding of the inherent sacredness of human sexual pleasure.

Therefore, the words to describe these experiences are encoded with sacred meaning.


For example, instead of vulva, vagina (which means sheath), pussy, or cookie, in Tantra we say:

Yoni = Sacred Space

Lotus = Sacred Flower

Mandala = Circle of Light which is a portal to a Buddha realm


Jade Gate/ Jade Palace

Instead of Penis, C*ock and Balls (or ball sack), in Tantra we say:

Lingam = Wand of Light

Vajra = Indestructibly Hard Diamond Sceptor

Dorje = Divine Thunderbolt of Wisdom

AND Elixir Filled Jewels.


Instead of “cum” or “jizz” or “wad” we refer to male ejaculate as “Elixir” and female emissions as “Amrita”.


IMAGINE how your relationship to your body/genitals would be different if you had grown up understanding them to be SACRED.

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