The 5 Elements of Tantric Dance Class

We want to share the joyful, fun, and playful MOVING meditation of the 5 Elements of Tantric Dance.


In this 1 hour class we will review:


  • What the 5 elements are and where they live in your body


  • The energy center they govern


  • The 5 Core Pelvic Movements


  • The 5 Elemental Movement Patterns


  • The 5 Erotic Expressions and how they correlate to the 5 Elements


The 5 Elements of Tantric Dance are a fun, playful, and sensually enriching method for enriching the elemental energies in your body, relaxing your nervous system and boosting your immune system through JOY!


Read what our live participants had to say about this class:

“thank you for this beautiful gift!”

“the last movement brought me to tears. thank u”

“Thanks SO much for your wonderful answer, presence and more, beautiful you! I loved getting in touch w/ my Power, screaming fuck you to the outer bullshit, reclaiming my Sovereign self!! xoxo”

“absolutely love this 🙂 I’ve been dancing for years and I always knew there is a connection between dance and sexuality but this makes it so much more clear :)”

“Beautiful work and very inspiring!”

“I feel more alive than I have in weeks wow”

“this reminds me of how I used to dance as a child”

“feeling more confident, worthy, owning my queen/goddess self”

“Space unloosed my not playing small, I can take up as much space in this world as I want!!!”

“such a mix of emotions thru this-anger, crying, enlivenment and more!!”

“That move that we just did will make anyone get in the mood and get frisk”


Come play with us – watch the 5 Elements of Tantric Dance replay below!!!!



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