Tantric Dance

The Healing Power of Tantric Dance!

The 5 Elements of Tantric Dance are a fun, playful, and sensually enriching method for enriching the elemental energies in your body, relaxing your nervous system, and boosting your immune system through JOY!

Each of the elements has a corresponding movement pattern that helps balance and enrich the elemental energy in your body.


For example:

  • Fire Element = Thrusts
  • Earth Element = Circles
  • Space Element = Openness 
  • Air Element = Figure 8’s
  • Water Element = Undulations

Movement itself is healing, as it helps move stagnant energy, increases blood flow and circulation, supports the lymphatic system in detoxifying, and generates all kinds of lovely endorphins.

Combining the Tibetan 5 Element healing system with specific movements, breath, and intention activates the healing power of your own BODY through the pleasure and JOY of movement, dance, and sensual self-expression.

Want More?

Come play with Devi! Learn the 5 Elements of Tantric Dance and Tibetan 5 Element Tantra in our membership program!

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