Harnessing the Healing Power of Women with Lystra Sam

Join Devi and her guest, Lystra Sam as they discuss the healing power of women and a feminine-led society…

Find out:

  • Why is Sisterhood important for healing?
  • How does community play a role in healing?
  • What role does community play in business?
  • What does healthy feminine leadership look like and why is this the key to a new world order?
  • What would a healthy, flourishing, female lead capitalist society look like?


Watch below…

healing power of women


Lystra Sam is serial entrepreneur, actor, writer, traveling volunteer, longtime Blacktivist, and disruptor of harmful systems. A Dreamweaver, a wanderer, a storyteller, a mentor, and a mentee with a passion for learning and community engagement that forges and informs her path and her goals and feeds her curious nature. Lystra’s extensive, multifaceted education; a result of globetrotting the 7 continents and living in several different countries over the past couple of decades, combined with a “formal” academic training, and several certificate programs in both career related and joy feeding fields are equal in the influencing of her personal, community and professional development.

The Sisters Leading Sisters Retreat was born from a vision of sisterhood that encompasses but is not limited to interdependence, spiritual healing & growth, autonomy, mental wellness, egalitarianism, equity, leadership, and joy.

Sisters Leading Sisters recognizes that for many Black women the “trope” of being a “strong Black woman” has been passed down from generation to generation and is dangerous to our overall well being without context and healing. Similarly, Indigenous and Black women have lived under the cloud of the “lazy” stereotype for generations and in our attempt to dismantle it we have fallen into a trap where we have forgotten the importance of REST. Grind culture is a killer!

Black & Indigenous women (like all women) have often put their own needs for self-care aside to the detriment of their own health. The difference for Black and Indigenous women is that they also have to deal with the added burden of daily racism in many forms. Tamara Winfrey Harris explains that due to the unique relationship with the systems of white supremacy and anti-black racism; “Black women are more likely to suffer from chronic health problems that may be alleviated by self-care, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stress.

We saw the need to create a safe and inclusive space for Black & Indigenous women/femmes to come together in community to joyously unite with our diverse and unique communities to thrive while supporting each other through leadership in retreats and into sustainable healing practices and sharing resources. Psychologist Shelley E. Taylor has found that women are more likely to connect with others to survive periods of stress. And we are proving that point by leaning into gathering for guidance, strength, comfort and leadership.

Our retreats start by offering Indigenous & Black women/femmes the opportunity to take up space in communion with one another and explore some unapologetic ways in which we can decolonize our minds and take care of ourselves through a re-imagining of “Rest”, and ease into our “Dreams” for ourselves and our communities so that when we “Rise” together to further support and build community we are doing so from whole -loving-healed-hearts. So that as we bravely embrace our roles as leaders in our community we are confident that we continue to share with Ubuntu ”I am, because you are” which our elders and ancestors have taught us since time immemorial.

Sisters Leading Sisters was developed so that our attendees have a “brave space” to be heard, seen and feel a sense of belonging. A place to have our talents amplified and celebrated. A space where we can safely bring our entire “self” to share and expand into our leadership roles amongst each other and with emerging talent as well as build relationships. We believe that an authentic holistic approach to life and leadership is essential for sustainability in the uplifting of ourselves and our communities.

Elevate * Empower * Connect * Collaborate

Join us for this event!

Purpose: REST (cause we’re tired and it’s long overdue) & Community Capacity Building

Guests: 50 Black & Indigenous women who are community leaders, and community capacity builders and emerging as such



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