What does it mean to have a “good death”? Is there a way to ensure that our end of life transition is peaceful? How can we support those friends and family who are in the end stages of life?


In this latest episode of Sex Is Medicine, Devi shares how she used Tantric practices to support her mother in having a peaceful and loving transition from physical life into the afterlife.

Find out:

  • What makes a “good death”?

  • What you can do to ensure the people you love are supported through their end of life process

  • What does the “end of life process” look like and what is needed for support

  • Books and resources to support you and your loved ones

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you Devi and Chris, for sharing this beautiful, deep, rich, meaningful, precious and Sacred experience. I can’t imagine how truly miraculous this transition must have felt for your mom, Devi, because of this exqusite love and support. I wish this dying experience for every human being. I’m so grateful you have created this wonderful public platform so many people who know, love and have been blessed by your life and all that you have shared until now, have the profound gift of this, your latest experience. To live fully and to die fullly. To heal. To have completion and celebrate that, with love and reverence – I can’t think of anything more important for ALL of us, to talk about, practice and experience.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love you beyond what any words can express….

  2. Thank you for sharing such a deeply personal and spiritual experience. Unfortunately, in our society we don’t talk about sex or death. Essentially, creation and the ultimate journey to the next phase. Since we were all created and will all experience death, it seems obvious and essential to deal with the entire spectrum of our existence. Your story is an important one to share. And important for us to listen,
    Thank you,
    Gil Lesko

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