Today’s message touches upon a similar theme as our conversation from last week, and that is the role that trauma/wounding plays in our ability to experience our full capacity to feel pleasure.

Last week I spoke about the ENORMOUS potential for pleasure available in our cervix, and how that potential for pleasure may be diminished or damaged by what we consider to be “normal” gynecological procedures.

This week I answer a question about the lack of sensation in the vagina, and how this too can be a signpost of the need for healing in this area.


That being said, there are also a few other considerations in relationship to vaginal sensation or the lack thereof:

1. The vaginal lining itself has very few nerve endings. Compare this to the clitoris (10K) and the cervix (as many as 250k in one study). The vaginal walls themselves have hundred of nerve endings, as opposed to thousands. Most of the vaginal sensation we feel is a result of the extensive network of erectile tissue surrounding the first 1-3 inches of the vagina, the clitoral legs that extend toward the back of the vagina and cervix, and the 4 nerve pathways that innervate specific areas of the vagina.

2. This is why ENGORGEMENT is so critical for Yoni owners to experience their FULL capacity for pleasure! We have FIVE BEDS of erectile tissue hidden within our secret chambers, and it takes TIME for all of that erectile tissue to become full and ripe.

3. “Trauma” can be overt, such as a sexual assault or negative sexual experience, but it can also be very covert and difficult to recognize because it’s so normalized in society. (See last week’s post)

“Armoring” can occur for a multitude of reasons, and honestly, you may or may not even know why it’s there. I’ve had vaginal armoring release in a flood of laughter or tears, but no story attached, and I’ve also experienced vivid reliving of experiences as the armor dissolves.


How (and even sometimes when) we experience a layer of pain dissolving really isn’t our choice, not consciously.


It’s the BODY that determines when, if, and how it is going to let go of this “block to bliss”. All we have to do is provide the causes, conditions, and support to facilitate the healing.

The body knows how to heal itself and the body knows what burdens it no longer needs to carry on our behalf.

So knowing the 4 stages of healing can be very very helpful for navigating this process. Watch the video below for a refresher on 4 stages of healing trauma.


Watch the video below for more!

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Want to become your own sexual healer and learn to use PLEASURE as Medicine? Learn how to heal numbness, pain and armoring with Tantra in our Female Orgasm Intensive!

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