How important a role does sexual pleasure play in your life? Should the quality and quantity of your orgasms matter? Join Devi and author Steve Bodansky as they discuss the why and how of cultivating more pleasure and better orgasms!

Tune in to find out:

  • The importance of orgasms for a happy healthy life.
  • Techniques for increasing sexual pleasure
  • Sexual communication skillz!
  • Prioritizing YOUR pleasure as a giver
  • The powerful energy of pleasure


Steve Bodansky together with his wife Vera have been teachers of Sensuality for almost the past 40 years. Steve received a Masters in Molecular Biology at SUNY at Albany and a Doctorate at More University in Sensuality with an emphasis on female orgasm. He first studied and then taught at More U. thru 1992. For the past 29 years they have been coaching students as a couple and started writing books about optimum sensual pleasure. They created the teaching unit the Welcomed Consensus in 1992, but left that group to teach on their own in 1997. They have trained many people over the past 35 years with courses and personal training and continue to do so. A number of their former students have become sensual facilitators themselves.

Connect with Steve on his website HERE

He has written 12 books, which can be found on his website or on Amazon

  • Extended Massive Orgasm
  • The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm
  • Instant Orgasm
  • To Bed or Not to Bed
  • Extended Massive Life: A True Love Story and More
  • Extended Massive Orgasm: The Novel
  • Pigetry
  • Universe of Love: Poems of Yin and Yang
  • Switch Pitcher: Evolution of Darwin
  • Orgasm Matters
  • Love and Alzheimer’s
  • Orbit: Looking For Libido
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