2 Reasons Your Penis Isn’t Broken If Your Erection Goes Away!

It is quite common for the male erection to fluctuate during sexual play.

It is also quite common for males to believe their penis is broken if and when this happens.

There are a variety of reasons your erection goes away or may fluctuate during the sexual experience. In some cases this could indicate a sexual dysfunction or health issue. Certain prescription drugs can affect erectile function, as well as chronic unregulated ejaculation.

But in an otherwise healthy male there are two very common issues which can impact your erection, and these 2 reasons indicate that your sexual functioning is actually very healthy and normal, as opposed to dysfunctional in any way.


Watch this video to find out two very natural, very normal reasons your erection may fluctuate during sex and three essential keys that can help restore your full erection in minutes.


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