Orgasm is one of the most coveted experiences we have as human beings. It is also the source of much suffering and pain. This is largely due to our cultural ignorance regarding the true purpose of human orgasm.

Much more than a simple reflexive contraction in the genitals, the Tibetan Tantric traditions teaches that orgasm is actually a glimpse of enlightenment.

They teach that the human energy body is hardwired such that- at the peak of pleasure the moving pranas or “wind” energies in the genitals brush against the core of the life force in the body, a.k.a the “Central Channel” or Sushumna Nadi.


The central channel is where enlightened consciousness resides in the human form.


This central channel can be accessed a variety of different ways. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture are all ways of accessing the central channel by working from the outside in, and Tibetan Tantric practices give keys for how to access the central channel directly, during both sexual and non sexual Tantric practice.

But every human being is designed so that one of the fastest, most direct ways of accessing expanded states of consciousness is through sexual pleasure.

The more mindfulness you bring to the act of sexual play (be it with yourself or a partner) the greater the potential for healing and transformation, due to this direct contact with your TRUE nature.


Watch the video below for more!


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  1. Hey girls, I just love you both, and all what I see and hear from you so far!
    Especially your intro exudes great and funny vibes,,, :0)
    Thanx for your great work and the passion & softness with which you bring it into this beautiful world!
    Big hug for you both… 🙂

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