3 Reasons Why Sexual Healing Can Save the World

Sexual energy is the reason for our existence! It’s how we all got here.

The Vajrayana Tantric tradition teaches that orgasm is a glimpse of enlightenment, and we practice to extend that orgasmic state, from seconds, to minutes, to a lifestyle.

How did you feel during your last orgasm? Were you worried about bills, work, or if you have all the ingredients for dinner? For that moment, you were in Bliss…you deserve that shit all the time, and it’s possible.

The concept of orgasm in our culture is greatly reduced, but Tantra is a way to dissolve these ideas, and expand our consciousness for an enriched, more empowering experience.

Like all things powerful, misused or unmerited sexual energy can cause damage to a person, and in ways that prevent us from living fully.

As it stands, most of us aren’t completely unscathed by the experiences of life, either by way of ignorance, abuse, fear, or shame, some degree of sexual repression exists for many of us.

On average, there are 321,500 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States.

The demand for Tantra continues to grow because millions of people need a way to heal and process pain in a way that gets down to the root. Men specifically seek the space, and tools to process their emotions and heal trauma. This bullshit concept of men being hard and angry has been disabling our evolution for centuries. In reality, women want emotionally connected partners that can not only listen, but also share in processing and contribute to an emotionally fulfilling relationship.


The common thread of sexual repression isn’t the only reason why sexual healing can save the world.


Here Are 3 Major Reasons Sexual Healing can Save the World


1 – A Block in Sexuality is a Block Everywhere…

Most don’t realize how extensively sexual repression affects our everyday experience. Any degree of trauma or even harboring negative thoughts around sexual energy and behavior, affects our ability to trust and connect with others. On a primitive level, sexual energy is a natural and vital component to our existence; we can’t be separated from it. So threatening it naturally affects our feelings of safety and ability to connect with others.

Ways our Sexual Energy and Expression is Threatened

• Slut-shaming
• Harassment (verbal/physical)
• Homophobia
• Judgment
• Religious condemnation
• Forced Monogamy
• Fear mongering with Pregnancy, STI’s

On a biological level, our bodies sustain a level of stress and tension that slowly deprives the tissues of oxygen and energy. When I started practicing Tantra my body gradually unkinked and released long sustained tension in my shoulders and back that I was never aware of. You think that contributed to my previous years of headaches? Hell yea!

I’ve worked with many male clients that hold tension in the perineum, have high stress, and PE. It makes sense…tension is a natural stress response; we just need to regain connection, balance, and the ability to fully RELAX into life and pleasure.

Having PE and feeling out of control of your body affects a man’s overall confidence…how he interacts with women, and how he approaches pleasure and social interactions. Eventually sexual pleasure morphs into something to be anxious and stressed about rather than excited.

“When the wires are crossed the whole circuit is off. –CG”


2 – Heal the Epidemic, Heal the World

Sexuality is abused and exploited all over the world including in our own homes. Most time’s the abuse remains unreported and unprocessed, only to take residence in the body as emotional trauma, making us feel tense, disconnected, hindering sexual function and pleasure.

In our safe little bubble, it’s easy to miss reports about the current existence of child trafficking for prostitution in other countries including Mexico, India, Pakistan, and Brazil.

At least 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold worldwide into commercial sexual servitude, forced labor and bonded labor.


Sexual repression has a history of being used by the most powerful countries as a means for control.


In the history of royal courts, Eunuchs especially, were in positions that required undying loyalty and obedience. Why is this? The most non-threatening man was one that’d been robbed of his penis and sexuality. Most Eunuchs’ aren’t as popular as Varys from Game of Thrones. They were often castrated without consent and served as courtiers, servants, slaves, soldiers, or other lower domestic positions like wiping the king’s ass.

Stealing sexual expression is a terrorist act meant to break a person’s will and control them. Sometimes the methods are obvious like stoning women for adultery in the Middle East. Sometimes more subtle, like the lack of justice for American women who have been sexually abused or raped leading to lack of safety. We need boundaries around the treatment of each other, not around how we dress and appear sexual.


Nearly 1 in 5 women (over 23 million) have experienced rape in their lifetime.
1 in 71 men have experienced rape in their lifetime


Ignorance is another major cause of our suffering. The message of “Abstinence or STI” is total bullshit, and reduces sex to a series of life-changing risks. Instead of educating kids on why NOT to do something that’s highly pleasurable and healthy, teach them why sexuality is sacred and vital to their overall health. What about teaching them to seek connection with their partners and how to harness sexual energy for health, instead of wasting it?

Ignorance can spread like a wildfire through generations until somebody throws a flag and changes the course. I think I see a lot of flag throwers out there who are ready to change the game.


3 – Free Sexuality to Continue Creativity

Sexual Energy is literally the creative portal from whence we came into existence. Specifically, we all got a ticket on the vagina rocket ship, fueled by sperm cells, and landed in this here Universe.

How can the basis of our very existence, be taken away, and re-gifted in this jacked up package of sexual repression?!

Before I get too hype, here’s why Biology says Sexual Expression is so important…


The Vagus Nerve!
The Vagus Nerve is the longest nerve in the human body and runs from the brain to the large intestine. One the way down, it dips its branches into the laryngeal nerve, affecting speech and swallowing. Next it passes by the heart, lungs, and GI tract, telling them to “chill” and not stress. It’s in charge of our Endocrine system, sensory perception, taste buds, and the ability to “relax & digest.”


Guess where else it goes? The cervix, uterus, and vagina!


Orgasms can be felt by women who’ve had spinal cord injuries, by way of deep vaginal penetration, which stimulates the Vagus nerve.

The function and organization of the Vagus Nerve is solid evidence that sexuality and expression are connected…From your outward expression of speech, to your gut, to your genitals, it’s all connected by a common thread… and therefore directly affected.


Notice the Difference

When we aren’t experiencing pleasure in life, we tend to speak up less, not advocate for our needs, keep a lot of shit in, then get mad. We jokingly say “that person needs to get laid,” but there’s truth to that. Dry spells make us agitated and hungry, feeling the need to fill a void.

Upon following this feeling, the sexual experiences we do have lack authentic expression and don’t feel good emotionally. It’s like genuine, wholesome pleasure is a guide to knowing what’s good for us.

If you’ve ever been around a midwife during breath coaching, you might hear “open mouth, open vagina.” This doesn’t mean her big mouth got her pregnant, it’s because the sexual portal is most receptive to the Universe when the other end is also open. Whether male or female, your authentic expression is the other component to manifesting your creation.

Let’s bring the sacredness back to our sexuality and reclaim it. When we learn how to harness sexual energy for our health, pleasure, and spiritual growth, it can no longer be a vice, or means for control.
Everyone is happier feeling in charge of their own shit.

By working directly on healing sexual trauma, we open the portal to your creative universe. The most creative individuals have a high sexual energy that is constantly stimulated. I once lived with musical theatre majors, I know from experience. They were very creative!

Let’s be honest with ourselves, you can’t be free if your sex is locked up, policed, or paralyzed in fear, we don’t work that way.

A sexually liberated person doesn’t mean more sex, less clothing, or even being more sexual, but it means you live without fear of judgment and do what feels good to you and your body without shame or guilt. It means you don’t act like you’re supposed to, but live authentically, with confidence and presence to enjoy your life.

If you’re ready to awaken a life full of pleasure and connection, online coaching may be the support you need.


Practicing Tantra will give you the tools to reclaim your freedom of expression, sexuality, and expand your consciousness. You have the potential to experience this life in a whole new way, not as a spectator, but as a co-creator.

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  1. WOW, powerful writing! In that article alone I counted mire like twenty-three reasons.

    I especially liked the line about extending orgasms to become a lifestyle.

    And I can imagine maybe half a dozen books spinning out from themes that you touched on.

    Thank you.

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