What is the relationship between Tantra and AntiRacism? This is a really juicy question. One of the ways that Tantra relates to antiracism is in relation to Tantric Buddhism. Tantric Buddhism flourished in Northern India between 600-1100 AD. Part of its success in that region was addressing and breaking down the rigid social hierarchies of the caste system in India which is deeply rooted in pigmentocracy. The darker skinned natives were oppressed thousands of years ago by the people that came in and set up this caste system with the darker skinned people being at the lower echelon and the lighter skinned people being at the upper echelon.


Sound familiar?


At its very roots Tantric Buddhism has been part of deconstructing the hierarchy of systems of oppression. 


Another way Tantra is related to anti-racism is that tantra in and of itself is a system of liberation, transformation and healing. So, particularly if you are advertising tantra as trauma informed, your tantra should be addressing ALL these sources of trauma. Social Injustice and social inequality and racial inequality are primary sources of trauma in this society. If you’re not aware of that it’s because you have the privilege of ignorance, the rest of us aren’t so lucky.


So the relationship between Tantra and anti-racism is because tantra is medicine for healing trauma and racism is a trauma, and we all suffer from it. Tantra is a pathway of healing and transforming that on the level of body, mind, spirit and sex.


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