Have you ever experienced a kiss that made every cell of your body tingle and dance with joy?

Thinking back to that moment, what do you notice about your state of mind and body?

At that moment when your lips touched and your cells came alive were you;

a. feeling disconnected?

b. distracted by thoughts?

c. feeling guilt or shame?

Or, were you FULLY present “in the moment”? Were you fully CONNECTED, attracted, enlivened, and EXCITED?

In our school, TANTRA is both the method and the practice of becoming fully present to (and connected with) LIFE.

At a certain stage of practice, EVERYTHING becomes both an expression of and a method for deepening your Tantra yoga practice.

This includes KISSING!!!

Your kiss is an outward expression of your desire for UNION with another being. There’s nothing more Tantric than that 🙂

And in Tantra we kiss with our WHOLE BODY, allowing every cell to become “enlightened” by the blissful fire of our passionate presence.

In Tantric kissing, your lips are a sacred vehicle for expressing the love, passion, and desire you feel for another human being.

Remember, the desire for sexual intimacy is the same as our desire for union with God and your kisses are holy offerings.


Without further ado here are our 5 Tantric Tips for Kissing


Tip 1:

Get present in your body and FEEL the passion and desire with your whole bodyKissing is an expression of our desire for union, so allow yourself to feel this yearning in every inch of your SOMA.

Tip 2:

Make eye-contact: Little known fact, kissing with your eyes open and making eye contact can increase feelings of connection by increasing oxytocin and emotional intimacy. Making eye contact also helps you stay present in your body and not drift away in thought.

Tip 3:

Slow down your breath and breathe together. Fun fact, harmonizing your breath literally harmonizes your heartbeats AND your brain wave patterns… so you will quite literally be physiologically “in sync”!

Tip 4:

Relax and RECEIVE the kiss. Relax your mouth, your lips, your jaw and FEEL your partners lips on yours. Let your mouth receive the kiss all the way down through your heart and into your genitals

Tip 5:

Connection is the key to great kissing! So, relax, breathe, and FEEL the connection you have with each other! Let the fires of passion consume you and let your kiss be a sacred offering on the altar of your love.

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