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When I began studying and practicing Tantra, my mentor spoke often about “living in a state of bliss”.

At the time I would get images in my mind of floating through my day- to- day life filled with golden light, hearing angels singing, and seeing unicorns dancing out of the corner of my eye.

What he meant was something quite different though, and it’s an experience I am just now beginning to truly grasp and appreciate.

Living in bliss is NOT necessarily living in a state of exaltation in every moment, at least not for me. Rather it is an inner state of ease and flow. A sense of inner balance and harmony.

Living in bliss for me arises as an experience of openness in my workday. A sense of each moment flowing perfectly into the next, each task completed on time, each piece of the puzzle fitting into place perfectly- without haste, without anxiety, without that frantic sense of urgency and pressure that used to overshadow every moment of my day.

So how did I get from anxious, frantic and overwhelmed, to peaceful, open, fluid and blissful?


By using the number one technique we teach for expanding pleasure….


Stop, Relax, and Breathe.

Sounds ridiculously simple. Stop, relax, and breathe and this will transform your current experience of stress into one of bliss?

Yes! And here is how…

In Authentic Tantra, we teach a specific practice I developed called the Orgasmic Awareness Practice. This is a self pleasure practice similar to edging, but with a Tantric twist.

This is the #1 technique we use for teaching humans to expand their experience of pleasure, achieve multiple orgasms and one of the fundamental techniques we use to help men separate orgasm from ejaculation.

The magic of this techniques lies in its ability to literally retrain the nervous system to RELAX with sensation, as opposed to constrict, tense, or resist sensation.

Using this potent combination of pleasure, breath, and awareness you are able to reprogram your nervous system to reside in a state of relaxed openness – even at high points or peaks of pleasure.

With consistent practice, this ability to remain relaxed, open, receptive, and fluid in high states of sexual pleasure and bliss automatically begins to translate to your day-to-day life.

Our “everyday lives” rarely contain moments of high bliss, but they DO usually contain high moments of stress and friction. By retraining your nervous system to relax with BLISS you have already laid the pathways for your system to relax with ALL types of tension – whether that tension is caused by pleasure or stress.

How often do you go through your life feeling tense and anxious? What’s happening with your breath in those moments?


Are you taking in nice deep full belly breaths? Or is your breathing pattern short and shallow?


What’s happening in your body? Does it feel loose and open in these moments? Or are you holding stress in your back, your neck, your shoulders, your genitals?

All of this tension and stress creates something called “armoring”

Armoring is the opposite of pleasure and bliss.

In, fact armoring shows up in the body (and the genitals) as areas of numbness, pain, and irritation.

Armoring can also interfere with erectile functioning and contribute to premature ejaculation!!!

The great news is that Tantra is the antidote to armoring and using the simple practice of “Stop, Relax, and Breathe” can begin the process of not only dissolving armoring but can also prevent you from acquiring more!

Our natural state is one of bliss and openness. Our unconscious armoring to life is what prevents us from experiencing this bliss on a consistent basis.

The orgasmic awareness practice uses the combination of sexual pleasure, breathe and mindfulness to reprogram the body to relax and open to ever-expanding pleasure and sensations of bliss.

Through this process, you literally retrain yourself to become accustomed to residing in a state of bliss, which eventually translates to every moment of every day.

Imagine the world you would live in if bliss became the dominant theme song of your life…..

Sound juicy and delicious?

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