What’s More Sensitive Than The Clitoris?

The tiny little head (glans) of the clitoris boasts 8,000 nerve endings, giving female bodies the capacity for mind-altering pleasure, pretty much anytime they choose it.

The head of the penis on the other hand has a mere 4,000 nerve endings, making it half as sensitive as the clitoris.

But, did you know there is a part of male genital anatomy that is even MORE sensitive and pleasurable than the female clitoris, and which some researchers claim boasts over 20,000 nerve endings???

“What is it, where is it, and how do I find it?” you may be asking yourself.

Well, it’s a little piece of skin that all men are born with, and which sadly is often cut off at birth. And that is the male foreskin.


Not just a “flap of flesh”!


Contrary to what many people in North America believe, the male foreskin is not a vestigial piece of flesh which serves no purpose or function.

The Circumcision Resource Center of Colorado describes the male foreskin as “a highly tuned sensory organ with thousands of specialized nerve endings

In fact, the foreskin has more nerve endings than any other part of the penis. They share that “the foreskin’s ability to detect touch, motion, vibration, temperature variations, texture, and moisture is unmatched in male sexual anatomy.”

They go on to say, “The foreskin gives a man a tremendous amount of pleasure as well as detailed information about his sexual response. While the foreskin has fine-touch receptors, the glans, in contrast, has pressure receptors and lacks the fine-touch receptors found in the foreskin.

This is why the sensations provided by the foreskin are so different from the sensations provided by the glans. It is the combination of these two sensations that provide intact (uncircumcised) men with the full range of sexual feeling.”

If this is the case, one might begin to wonder WTF is going on, and why circumcision is still so widely practiced in so many first world countries, especially when so called “hygiene issues” are not really a problem for anyone with ready access to soap and running water.


So what’s really going on?

I did several interviews a few years back on my podcast “Sex Is Medicine” that address the issue of infant male circumcision from sociological, physiological, and psychological view points.

Many of the experts I spoke with verified that infant male circumcision is not only a completely unnecessary procedure, it is also deeply traumatizing for the infant male, and has negative social repercussions that will surprise you!


Listen and learn as I speak with:

1- Matthew Hess, Founder of the California Male Genital Mutilation Bill. Matthew tells us the real reasons male circumcision continues to be practiced in the United States, and what you can do to protect infant boys from culturally endorsed male genital mutilation.

Available on Spotify HERE


2- Dr. Paul Tinari regarding his research on the Whole TRUTH about male infant circumcision, and the true function and purpose of the male foreskin.

Available on Spotify HERE 


3- Dr. Ronald Goldman and how infant male circumcision contributes to a violent society by disrupting the mother-infant bond.

Available on Spotify HERE 

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6 Responses

  1. Indeed, circumcision–for both men and women–is a means of cutting us off from ourselves, each other and our divinity. Trauma causes schisms, compartmentalization, alters. Any who advocate these practices upon the defensless and unconsenting are seeking to sow the means of controlling future generations through their trauma. This is well documented. Thank you for bringing attention to this vital aspect of our society that must be healed! <3

  2. Many years ago when I first started studying and getting into Macrobiotic Diet and Philosophy, Michio Kushi (he and his wife Aveline were the main macro teachers in Boston at that time, late 60’s/early 70’s) gave this explanation for circumcision by the Jews. You understand the concepts of yin and yang, right? Circumcision is yangizing, it’s a very strong and very contracting thing to do to a baby boy. He said the Jews did this to their boys because they needed the boys to grow up quickly, to become fighters, to become warriors, to protect their people. That explanation always made sense to me from a yin/yang perspective. Is it known how far back this practice goes with Jews or any other group of people? As a macrobiotic woman and eventually mother I was against circumcision and my 2 sons were not circumcised. As it happened my husband, a macrobiotic man who was native born and raised in Columbia, South America had never been circumcised. A natural sort of circumcision happens as a boy grows up. Hygiene is never an issue, I don’t remember exactly but the skin can move around, one can wash no problem. Who knows if my former husband or my sons experience more sexual pleasure because of this? I hope so. I’m certainly glad I didn’t inflict that particular trauma on them. I don’t actually know what most macro people did back then. I’d like to think that most of us who turned toward a more natural way of living at that time and all the way up to now, have said no thanks to that practice. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for sharing! Really appreciate your insight. Dr.Tinari speaks about the history of circumcision in one of our interviews, so he should be able to answer that question for you 🙂

  3. Hi Devi, Contrary to this I had a foreskin until I was in my mid thirties. I was then circumcised and sex incredibly better for both my wife and I. Everything about it far better. So I really don’t buy into it when people say you are better off with it. My personal experience is the complete opposite but thanks for sharing.

  4. This doesn’t mean circumcision is bad. I realize that maybe not all circumcised men have this, but my husband is not circumcised and sometimes it makes it really hard for him because he’s so sensitive. He wishes he was circumcised. So please keep in mind that circumcision in some cases is not all that horrible.

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