Contrary to mainstream opinion, using lube during sex is not an indication that your vagina is broken in any way.

There a variety of reasons you may choose to introduce an externally sourced form of lubrication to your sexual experience.

Devi and Marthe share 5 reasons they recommend using a high quality, organic, body safe lubricant for all forms of sexual play.


Five primary reasons for using lube are:

#1- Increase sensitivity and enhance sensation, i.e. make sex feel better!

#2- Male circumcision- wicks away vaginal moisture 🙁

#3- Anal Play (duh)

#4- Sexual Trauma response- may inhibit body’s lubrication!

#5- Hormonal changes such as menopause


The amount of lubrication a female body will produce in any given moment can be affected by so many different factors.

The state of your mind and emotions deeply impact the functioning of your physical body, so lubrication can be enhanced or diminished depending on what is happening in your life- the levels of stress, how connected you feel, where you are in your monthly cycle, even feelings of sexual or body shame can affect your lubrication.


The most important thing to understand is the degree to which your vagina lubricates during a sexual experience can (and probably will) fluctuate throughout your lifetime.


And…. Lube is always a good idea, regardless.

Watch 5 Reasons to use lube and tell us what you think!


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