The Over 8 Kinds of Orgasm for Men

I love men and I particularly love male energy.

I find male energy to not only be attractive, but balancing and nourishing to my body, mind and spirit.

Particularly male orgasm and sexual energy.

I deeply believe that one of the purposes of human sexual connection is for healing and enrichment.

I believe we can use the energy generated through sexual pleasure as nourishment, and as a potent source of creative fuel for actualizing our purpose in life.


This type of nourishing sexual connection is amplified when both partners have become multi-orgasmic.


When both male and female partners are capable of multiple orgasms the charge generated by their pleasure can be passed back and forth. When this energy is exchanged it amplifies.

When my male partner has a non-ejaculatory orgasm the energy of his orgasm will transfer to me, and catalyze an orgasm in me. My orgasmic energy then transfers to him, catalyzing another orgasm for him, and often times we will pass this orgasmic energy back and forth for several orgasms- sometimes coming together, sometimes one after the other.

Most men don’t realize that their bodies are capable of the type of orgasmic experience I described above.

In fact, male bodies are capable of over 8 different kinds of orgasmic sensation.

I created this video to describe the different flavors of male orgasm that your bodies are capable of experiencing.

(I thought there were only 8 but once I got started I realized there were a few more to throw into the mix!)

Guys- your orgasmic potential is so much greater than you have been led to believe.

Ladies- When your man become muti orgasmic your sex becomes a source of nourishment, and vaginal orgasms are no longer a goal to be reached, they are a guarantee.

Learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation and realize your sexual potential is an investment of time, energy, and often finances.

This is true whether you buy a book, a video program, or invest in personal coaching. 


Any form of achievement in life requires an investment of energy and resources.


Ultimately you just have to decide if it’s worth the investment and then do it.

Being on the receiving end of a fully multi-orgasmic, non ejaculatory cock is one of the greatest pleasures a woman can experience.

Your cock truly becomes a “wand of light” and tool for healing and knowing this is YOUR birthright.

Here are the over 8 (11 actually) different kinds of male orgasm:

#1- Ejaculatory,

#2- Anal Friction

#3- Prostate

#4- Anal Combo

#5 -Blended

#6-Non ejac with manual technique

#7- Wave like or ripples

#8- Shivers

#9- Non Ejac no Block

#10- Heart-gasms

#11- Whole Body

Have you experienced any of these? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

Want More?

Learn more about multiple male orgasms and how you can achieve this!

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  1. I would like to know your definition of orgasm. I understood it as a release of sexual energy. Within the last two months, I have found that deep belly breathing, movement of my hips, legs, and pelvic parts have produce body quaking or shivers. I can feel a release and I enjoy it.

    1. Hello James, Thanks for your question. We define orgasm as a peak of pleasure. This peak can be experienced a number of different ways. What’s most important is how YOU define and experience orgasm 🙂

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