Your cervix is a potential wonderland of exquisite sexual sensation.

The cervix is one of the few organs of the body to boast triple innervation, with the hypogastric, pelvic, and vagus nerve all contributing pressure-sensitive pathways to this erogenous zone.

In fact, your cervix is even MORE densely innervated than your clitoris! How’s that for a well-kept secret?


So are cervical orgasms real? In short, yes!


In Tantric Buddhism, the cervix is the bottom end of the Uma Channel, aka Shushumna Nadi, aka Central Channel.

The Uma Channel is the CORE (think tree trunk) of the energy body and where “enlightened” consciousness resides in the human form. The root poisons of ignorance, attachment and aversion are purified in the central channel, which is why mindful sexual pleasure and orgasm are considered to be so supportive to the path of spiritual realization.

Every orgasm is literally a glimpse of enlightenment, and cervical orgasms, being a direct portal into the central channel, are the MOST potent type of orgasm due to this.

In the genital reflexology system associated with Taoist sexual teachings, the cervix is the “heart point” and stimulation of this zone can catalyze deep emotional release and opening.

Physiologically, the vagus nerve, which regulates the parasympathetic nervous system also connects directly to the cervix.

So directly stimulating the cervix (and experiencing cervical orgasms) allows you to “hack” into the vagal pathway, inducing all the vagal benefits of increased immune system function, improved physical and emotional health, greater resilience to stressors and triggers, and deep feelings of relaxation and well being.

Your sexual pleasure is a gateway to health, wealth, and longevity and you DESERVE to know, understand, and explore this!


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