In our tradition of Tantra, the word “Tantra” means “to weave”. Specifically, in our lineage of practice, it means “to weave light and sound with form.”

Form = body

Light = visualization

Sound = mantra.


But what does this mean on a practical level?

The process of weaving light and sound with form allows us to directly access our energy body, and each of our major energy centers, in order to catalyze healing and growth.

In this video, Chris and Devi demonstrate the practice of running the elements as a non-sexual tantric union practice.

As they chant the mantric sounds for each of the five elements, they are also visualizing the elemental shape and color in each of their chakras, and “running” the energy up and down each other’s central channel, a.k.a the Shashumna Nadi

As you can see in this video, this movement of energy causes a healing release for Chris, and he starts crying part way through.

As they keep running the energy the block clears out, and as the emotion clears, Chris’s voice stabilizes and the sound of their chanting begins to harmonize and weave together to become “one voice”

This is a sign that their chakras are aligning and finding a harmonious balance with each other.

Chris and Devi are fully clothed and yet, by running the elements, they are experiencing true energetic connection by harmonizing their major energy centers!

Now imagine doing this during sexual union……imagine the intimacy, the connection, the power of harmonizing your energy bodies while your physical bodies are in union!


THIS is Authentic Tantric Sexual Yoga!

The process of harnessing your awakened, vibrant, life-giving sexual energy and consciously directing it through the central channel to nourish, balance, heal and enrich all of your major energy centers, thereby balancing and enriching your entire energetic and physical body. This process literally creates greater clarity, peace, bliss, creativity, and joy in EVERY area of your life.

Hell Yes! THIS is what sexual Tantra is about. The methods and practices for using your sexual energy for the purpose for which it was designed-  as FUEL for the realization of peace, wisdom, power, and compassion. The qualities of a Buddha!

To work with your sexual energy in this way, first, you must learn the methods, in this case, the Five Element Meditation Practices, as a solo non-sexual meditative practice.

Then, once you have established a “ground” for your practice, you learn how to “run” the elements as a non-sexual chakra yoga practice.

Next, you learn how to apply them to your SOLO sexual practice for healing your own sexuality and energy channels.

And lastly, you learn how to practice these methods in partnership, both as a non-sexual meditative practice such as you just witnessed in this video, and eventually, a sexual union practice.


Welcome to the Yoga of Authentic Tantra®!

Want More?

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