Did you know that each one of your fingers corresponds to one of the 5 elements? You can use each finger to transfer the healing energy of that element to different areas of your body through mindful touch. In essence, you can heal yourself by using tantric touch and the 5 elements.


For example:

Thumb = Earth Element
Forefinger = Water Element
Middle Finger = Fire Element
Ring Finger = Air Element
Pinky Finger = Space Element



Next time you touch your genitals, notice which fingers you like to use to touch yourself.

Do you notice a difference in sensation between your pointer finger and your middle finger?

Have you ever tried stroking and massaging your genitals with your thumb or pinky?

Take the time to explore the subtle differences contained in the energy of each individual finger, over your entire body.

When you are finished, spend a few moments writing down what you noticed.

Each time you try this practice, notice the differences and similarities – which elemental energy is your body is responding to?

This type of mindful tantric touch allows you to become your own Tantric Healer!


Watch the video below with Devi for an in-depth and visual explanation:

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