black men and prostate cancer

Black Men and Prostate Cancer: Prevention Is The Best Medicine!

According to the advocacy organization ZERO Prostate Cancer, one in six Black men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. Research from the American Cancer Society shows Black men are more than twice as likely to die from the disease than other demographics.

Research has shown us that unresolved trauma, usually in the form of ACE’s, aka Adverse Childhood Experiences, is the underlying cause of most, if not all forms of chronic illness.

The Buddha said “any illness that can be understood can be purified”. Understanding the connection between trauma and chronic illness is essential for prevention and “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

In this video I discuss the #1 cause of chronic illness in the body and how the 4 pillars of healing can act as an antidote to trauma. I also share some guidance around finding a hands on healer to support this process for you.

As we’ve said many times, tantra is the antidote to trauma, and using the 4 pillars of movement, meditation, connection, and conscious pleasure can be powerful tools for addressing and healing the roots causes of chronic illnesses like prostate cancer.


Watch the video below for more!

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