Female Sexual Revolution ~ 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Pussy

There is a war going on my friends. Make no mistake.

And it’s a war on women.

An organized assault on our sexuality, our personal expression, and yes my friendsan ongoing assault on our reproductive rights.

The very White, very MALE, Republican party continues to proclaim self-appointed stewardship over our pussies, and it’s time to take them back.

“But I already own my pussy” you may think.

Well I am here to tell you that although it may be physically attached to your body, it is not yours to do with as you wish, with whom you wish, and here’s why:


#1) You live in a culture that condones violence against sexually expressive women

“Slut shaming” is a term used to describe the verbal and social denigration of a woman who engages in sexual activity outside of prescribed social moral boundaries.

Slut Shaming is verbally and emotionally violent. And it primarily occurs towards women.

Slut Shaming is a direct expression of social disapproval of a woman’s  SEXUAL choices, (i.e. what she is doing with her pussy, with whom, and how much.)

You know for certain that slut shaming is occurring when women are being vilified for their sexual expression and the men with whom they have engaged sexually are completely ignored. Their “transgressions” are condoned and or overlooked….“boys will be boys.”

The vilification of Ms Stormy Daniels in the current “Stormy Trump” saga is a perfect example of this. She’s a horrible slut who should be stoned to death, he’s a playboy billionaire, and…he gets a “Mulligan” from the Christian right wing. Same folks who are literally stoning Stormy with vitriolic rhetoric are the same ones giving Trump a pass for being a man “with a wandering eye”.


#2) As a result of our need for social acceptance, we typically avoid engaging in behaviour that our culture has conditioned us to believe is “wrong”, and that could cause us to be ostracized or ridiculed in any way.

This applies to our sexual expression more than anything.

As a result of this subconscious fear we hold back from exploring, expressing, or even fully enjoying our sexuality, and tend to let men (society) inform us what sexual behaviour is acceptable for “good girls” to engage in, and what is not.

(i.e. Slut Shaming – she’s a slut, whore, tramp, hole, etc. for her sexual behaviour, even though it was HIS cock that was being fucked and sucked. She’s a WHORE for doing it and even worse if she liked it!)

These typically wealthy, white men have been castrating women’s sexual behaviour and self-expression for centuries, and now ridiculously, here it comes again, though it’s covered up in sugar candy coating of American Values.

Unless we want our next few years on earth to go down like “The Handmaid’s Tale”, it’s important that we women become educated about what sexual empowerment really means, and not just for ourselves.


It’s vital that we women support each other in our sexual empowerment.


It will not work for one woman in the room to be embodying sexual empowerment, and the rest of the women to act out subconscious social-sexual programming and vilify her for it.

Participating in slut-shaming a woman in any way for her sexual behaviour or self-expression is VIOLENCE, and if you are a woman doing that to another woman, you are perpetuating the bullshit patriarchal agenda of culture that condones violence against women.

Women can be cruel to each other. It’s time for that to stop.

Conquer and divide is a great way of keeping women sexually disconnected & disempowered, and unless women unite as a WHOLE and reclaim their sexual sovereignty, this revolution of consciousness cannot attain any true momentum.

The healing begins with communities of women, supporting each other in reclaiming connection to their sexual pleasure and celebrating unbridled sensual expression.

United we stand, divided we fall. Pussies of the world unite.


So what can you do?



Our sexual potential as women is fucking mind-blowing. Literally. With over 11 different kinds of orgasm that we can experience, very few of us have tapped our full orgasmic potential. Why is this important? Because sexual energy is LIFE energy. It opens your heart, frees your mind and heals your body. That is POWER! And it is YOUR power. Your birthright. Fucking claim it.


#2) Masturbate.

Yes. Do it. Do it a lot, in a variety of different ways. Explore your vagina. Don’t wait for the right man to come along and give you permission to experience sexual pleasure. It is yours for the taking, right now. The best way to own your pussy is to touch your pussy. A lot.


#3) Dance Sexy.

Believe it or not, we hold many of these subconscious restrictions to our sexual self-expression, in our bodies, particularly the pelvis. Opening your lower body with the 5 core pelvic movements and sacred erotic dance will change your life because you have to feel your vulva and vagina to do these movements.

You will discover the power of your pussy in a whole new way.

I like to say “Free your ass and your mind will follow.”

Our empowerment as women is directly related to the level of freedom and comfort we feel with our sexual behaviour and self- expression.


If we are emotionally imprisoned by fear, guilt, and sexual shame, we are partially crippled as human beings and will die without having realized our full personal, emotional, or spiritual potential.

I invite women everywhere to step up and step out of the psychological prison of sexual repression and claim your birthright to sexual pleasure.


The revolution begins in your vaginaOwn it.

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