practice tantra while pooping

How to practice Tantra while pooping!

Vajrayana Tantra methods can be practiced literally every moment of every day, or, more realistically for me, as often as you can remember 😉

Recently I shared that you, I, we, we can practice tantra even while pooping! Yes, in Vajrayana Tantra we can engage our practice at any time, anywhere.

In this week’s Tuesday Tantra Talk LIVE, I talk about using Vajrasattva practice to purify your energy body while purifying your physical body of waste while pooping.

This is an actual practice shared by my Lama… Vajrasattva while pooping! Which, if you think about it, makes perfect sense, because, purifying judgment and the illusion of duality is one of the primary functions of Tantra. And what better place to purify judgment and the illusion that God can ever be separate from HUMANITY than while sitting on the toilet having a poop?

The efficiency of Vajrayana Tantra is just brilliant! Not one moment of this precious existence is wasted!

Watch this video to hear more about how you can practice tantra while pooping and, catch me, Devi LIVE on Instagram every Tuesday at 11 am central for our Tuesday Tantra Talks (TTT) where I will share more about how to integrate your non-sexual (and sexual) tantra practice into your everyday life so that your WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE becomes an offering to the Divinity within your own heart and mind.


Watch the video below!

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