A common misconception regarding pelvic floor health is the idea that a “tight” vagina is a “healthy” vagina. In Tibetan 5 Element Tantra we are not seeking a “tight” pelvic floor, which may indicate chronic tension and unresolved trauma, but rather, we are seeking strength and tone.


Most of us in the West think “Kegels” when looking for methods to cultivate healthy PF muscles, but Kegels are insufficient as a Tantric training method, as they only focus on the muscular contractions and do not include the intentional breath work which allows us to incorporate the energy body into the physical yoga.


Tibetan 5 Element Tantra teaches us that the key to healthy pelvic floor muscles is having healthy downward voiding winds!


In Tibetan Medicine there are 5 major “wind” patterns that circulate energy throughout the physical and energetic body. The downward voiding winds arise in the rectum and govern the retaining and expelling function of everything that comes out your lower end; pee, poo, ejaculate, menstrual blood, babies, orgasm, etc.


Having healthy, balanced downward voiding winds allows us to have regular healthy bowel movements, healthy urinary function, healthy menstrual cycles, and strong, powerful orgasms. For penis owners, having healthy downward voiding winds gives you the ability to control your ejaculation and have multiple, non-ejaculatory orgasms. Pelvic floor training is great for ALL bodies!


At IATE we teach a pelvic floor/downward voiding wind training exercise called “Yoni Yoga”.


Yoni Yoga consists of a series of muscular contractions using your breath and very often using what’s called a yoni egg or some kind of vaginal tightening tool. The benefit of using a yoni egg (or other tightening tool) is that when you contract the vaginal muscles, you have something to contract around.


This gives you a much deeper, more efficient contraction as opposed to not having anything in the vagina. You can think of it as lifting weights. If you use even a 2lb weight with bicep curls your strength and tone will develop much more quickly than without the weight.


The yoni egg also amplifies the effects of these exercises on your energy body. According to many Indigenous cultures, crystals and stones carry energy and intelligence. Your practice of weaving breath, movement, and intention can be keys to accessing the wisdom encoded in these stones. The concept of minerals and plants having intelligence stems from animism, which was the prevalent spiritual belief system for many cultures around the globe before colonization. The process of colonization suppressed, and in many instances severed our symbiotic relationship with our natural world.


Yes, I believe putting crystals in your vagina, breathing, meditating, and moving your body is a pathway to reclaiming your indigenous/human/embodied wisdom


At IATE, we recommend using Rose Quartz, Jade, or Obsidian yoni eggs to practice with and if you want to learn more about Yoni Yoga sign up for our AASECT Classes Waitlist! We will be having a class on Yoni Yoga soon!


Watch the Kegels vs. Yoni Yoga video below!

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