No Nut November

What’s The Difference Between “No Nut” vs Tantric Semen Retention?

We’re a little late to the party but we’d like to close out “No Nut November” with some Tantric wisdom i.e. discernment 🙂

An uncommonly known fact about “nut” is that orgasm and ejaculation are actually TWO separate functions of the nervous system. This means that “nutting” is NOT required for you to experience awesome, mind-blowing, ecstatic orgasms. In fact, too much “nutting” or not enough control over your “nut” can actually prevent penis owner’s from experiencing their full sexual potential. Sad.

What we teach at IATE is the art of separating orgasm from ejaculation so that you can gain MASTERY over your sexual response, and not be a victim to your urge “nut”.


A sexually mature man has CHOICE over when and IF he WANTS to ejaculate, with ZERO sacrifice of pleasure.


For example, my Husband, Dr. Chris Erickson, has so much CHOICE over his ejaculatory response that he can have orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm, while we make love, without spilling a drop. And then, when he WANTS to ejaculate (or I want him to ejaculate, cuz yummm..) he simply chooses to allow his body to ejaculate WITH the orgasm. “To nut or not to nut” is simply a choice he makes, whenever he wants…. Imagine having that amount of Mastery over your nut!

And for the record, Dr.Erickson did not “wake up like this”. He PRACTICED the art of semen retention as taught by IATE and trained his nervous system to separate these two aspects of his sexual functioning.

And YOU can do this too!

Watch the video below for more!

Want More?

You can learn the most BASIC steps on the art of Semen Retention in our Ejaculation Mastery Membership Program

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