oral pleasure

How to reframe oral pleasure as a sacred offering of love

How can I enjoy giving oral pleasure to my male partner?

First off, we want to note that not all men have a penis, and not all people with a penis are men.

Please substitute the word “he” for “they” in this video and know that this info pertains to all people with a wand of light.

Feeling uncomfortable about giving oral pleasure to your lingam-owning partner is actually pretty common. The society we live in offers us almost ZERO education about how to give, receive, and cultivate pleasure in a way that is healthy, connected, and spiritually informed.

Luckily, we have various traditions of authentic Tantra that can guide us in having a more wholesome and fulfilling human sexual experience.

One of the clearest indications that the tantric traditions embraced the sacredness of human sexuality is in the language they used to describe their genitals and the act of making love.

In Western society, the words we use to describe our sexual experience are often outright derogatory, or clinical at best (think penis, vagina, cunt, prick, etc,)

Conversely, the word used to describe the genitals in many traditions of Tantra and other forms of Eastern sexuality such as Taoism, invoke a sense of celebration, respect, and honor.

In the Tibetan tradition, we use words like Vajra and Dorge for the penis. We use words like Lotus and Mandala for the vulva and vagina.

The words Linagm and Yoni which stem from the Hindu tradition of tantra are the words used most often in the sacred sexuality and neo-tantra spaces.

And the Taoist tradition gives us words like “jade stalk, jade stem and jade gate” to convey the inherent sacredness of the human sexual experience.

The words we use to describe our sexuality matter greatly because the words, the language we use are a direct reflection of how we think and often feel about the topic at hand.

In this video, I share a way to reframe your understanding of sharing oral pleasure through the lens of Authentic, lineage-based, Tantra.


Watch the video below for more!

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