We’ve been talking a lot about the cervix lately, largely because there’s just so much to talk about! Until recently, our society has been largely ignorant of the important role that the cervix can play in experiencing our full potential for pleasure as well as human beings.

The cervix also plays an important role in allowing us to access more of our spiritual potential too!

As I explain in the video below, the cervix is a portal into the central channel, which is the core of the life force energy in the body. The central channel is also where enlightened consciousness resides in the human form. So if we can access the central channel we can access more of our enlightened bliss nature.

There are several ways humans can access the central channel, but one of the most direct and enjoyable ways is through sexual pleasure and orgasm! As you’ve heard us say several times, every orgasm is literally a glimpse of enlightenment due to how the downward voiding winds function at that peak of pleasure.

This is even more pronounced when we experience cervical orgasms, as the cervix is placed directly in line with the central channel. So opening the portal of the cervix through pleasure is yet another way we can directly access our bliss-void awareness – aka enlightenment

I love sharing these examples of how the human physical and energy bodies are quite literally designed to access more of our spiritual potential through experiencing profound sexual pleasure, rooted in love.

Oh, and the other cool thing about Taoist sexual reflexology that I forgot to share in the video is the tip of the vajra (aka lingam/aka penis) also relates to the heart center. So when the tip of your partner’s vajra is pressing against your cervix, you are literally connecting your genital hearts.

Soooooo cool!

To me, this is yet another reason that love, love, love is the foundation of all tantra, sexual and non-sexual. And the human capacity for love is truly infinite, as is our hearts, as is our enlightened mind.

What happens if you don’t have a cervix anymore due to hysterectomy?

1. We celebrate that you are here, alive, and well enough to be asking this question

2. There are 3 major nerve pathways that nourish the cervix and uterus. Some of those nerve pathways may still be intact and accessible through internal yoni massage.

3. The energy body is senior to the physical body, so even if the physical cervix and uterus are no longer there, the energy pathways ARE. So you can still access this portal through the energy pathways. Again, yoni massage combined with the Tibetan 5 Elements is the method we use to open these pathways to bliss.

We will do a full video on this question because it’s such an important topic to discuss through the lens of Tibetan 5 Element Tantra.

Until then, make sure you tune in to our Instagram Live every Tuesday at 11am central time and catch the captioned replay on Wednesday mornings!

Next week I will share how sexual tantra practice can help heal generational and personal karma, through sexual pleasure. Powerful!


Watch the video below for more!

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