Prostate Massage for Health and Pleasure

Prostate massage is a common practice in Western Neo, Taoist, and some Hindu based styles of Tantra. It is also known as “Prostate Milking”.


There are generally 2 reasons to perform the art of prostate massage:

  • Health
  • Pleasure


For Health: 

Massaging the prostate is thought to be essential for the optimal functioning of the male sexual reproductive system. Massaging the prostate gland regularly helps increase circulation, detoxify the tissue, remove any unhealthy residue, and increase chi (life force) in that area.

This practice is said to treat and prevent issues such as; non bacterial prostatitis, swelling of prostate, impotence or ED, urinary issues.

Prostate massage can be performed 2 ways- internally through the anus, and externally by massaging the perineal area. The internal massage is the most directly beneficial.


For Pleasure: 

The Prostate Gland is said to be analogous to the female G-Spot, and can be equally pleasurable.

Just like for female bodies, if you do not feel pleasure the first few times you try the massage, or if you feel tenderness or pain, do not be alarmed.

This is 100% normal. The tenderness simply indicates some stagnant energy and perhaps some stored emotion. Simply relax, breathe, and proceed gently and lovingly.

Watch the video below to learn how to safely and effectively practice prostate massage for people with prostates.

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10 Responses

  1. Liked the focus on the healing aspect. I also insightful is the importance of incorporating prostate massage with ordinary solo play and at a higher arousal level. Thought the idea of Thera Wand was instructive and something I will try. You have expanded my thinking about this type of male activity. Thank you for your insightful and helpful explanations.

    1. Hello Thea! There are many types of pelvic diseases and illnesses. Did you have something specific in mind?

  2. You say for someone just beginning semen retention to do massage once a week. When you do massage, you do ejaculate correct?

    1. Hi there, thanks for asking. No actually. If you are just starting semen retention and including prostate massage as part of your weekly Tantric Masturbation practice, then no- I do not recommend ejaculating with every massage.There are many Tantric males who practice prostate massage without ejaculating. Hope that helps :-)!

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