A lifetime of chronic unregulated ejaculation can lead to severe depletion of your male sexual energy and CHI (a.k.a life force).

In part one of this video Devi Ward answers a question about how to rebuild male sexual energy after 13 years of excessive ejaculation.

What is considered ‘excessive”? If you have read our other articles and watched our videos you will know that it takes a male body over the age of 35 eight days to recover from one ejaculation. It takes a male body under the age of 35 three days to recover.

That being said, most eastern Tantric traditions recommend an ejaculation frequency of no more than once every six weeks regardless of age, in order to not only replenish, but to build vital nutrients in the body.

In part two of this video Devi is joined by Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Certified Authentic Tantra Educator, Katie Meyer who shares an ancient Ayurvedic remedy to help men recover from frequent ejaculation.


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  1. Thank you Devi for this wonderful video. It is exactly what I needed to learn at this point in my life. Thank you also for the link to the Power Wind Exercises which I will start doing shortly. I tried to go to the katiemeyer.com website from Google but each link that I click on says “You are blocked! Contact me if you are wrongly blocked.” How do I contact her if I can’t get to the website?

    1. Hello Ray. Thanks for commenting. Here is Katie’s contact info. She had a spam block on her website due to crazy spambots!
      Email her katie at katiemeyer.com

  2. I believe that you are very right about the second point about retaining orgasm but not necessarily the first about semen in urine.
    From personal experience this does does not affect the level of body energy, but I am interested to hear from others.

    Great video in any case!

  3. Hi Devi, I believe that you are very right about the second point about breathing during orgasm, but not necessarily the first about semen in urine.
    From personal experience of experimenting with orgasm and semen retention for … well … as long as I can remember, leaking semen in urine does does not affect the level of body energy at all. But I could be wrong, so thank you for giving us something to think about.

    Great video in any case!

  4. Davi Ward is 100% right I am 30 years old started master bating at 10 everyday till I was about 26 up to five times a day.sex with multiple partners. This has drained my body and has caused physicle and mental alignments. I held my semen for a month, yesterday was feeling great. Pushed at the base of my pc muscle had a retrograde ejaculation so semen went into my bladder I could tell because I peed in a bottle to see and it was cloudy. Instantly my energies were depleted.

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