sex is vital to your tantra practice

3 Reasons Sex Is VITAL to Your Authentic Tantra Practice

Beyond the very basic human needs for sexual connection and pleasure, human sexual expression can be a powerful source of healing and transformation of consciousness.

Here are 3 reasons sex is VITAL to your authentic Tantra practice:

#1. YOUR HEALTH – Tibetan medicine, which uses Vajrayana (Tibetan) Tantric practices as healing methods, directly connects physical and mental well-being and a healthy sex life. Unhealthy sexual attitudes, sexual abuse, and trauma can all be root causes of illness in the body and mind. Lack of sexual vitality can be an indicator of disease. 
#2. ENLIGHTENMENT – Seriously though, at the moment of orgasm, the moving pranas (winds) in your genitals brush the Central Channel (Sushumna Nadi) and we get a glimpse of enlightenment. Yes, that expansive peak of BLISS we touch briefly during orgasm is a taste of your TRUE and ultimate “bliss-void nature”, aka Enlightenment.
#3. HEALING KARMA – This is NOT B.S. ya’ll! This is for real, true, Tibetan Medical SCIENCE. Your accumulated karmic experiences reside in “The Very Subtle Mind”, which resides at the bottom of your Central Channel…which just happens to be IN YOUR GENITALS. As I explain in this video, peak experiences, such as orgasm, allow us to “hack” into the “VSM” and, with enough presence and focus, we have the potential to purify LIFETIMES of Karma through the Bliss of Orgasm!
If you knew of technology that could heal and repair generational trauma and lifetimes of accumulated karma THROUGH BLISS, wouldn’t you want to jump on that? This is why lineage-based, sexual Tantra methods are so important/effective/necessary.
Also, you want to be very mindful about who’s all “up in your winds” and giving you guidance about how to cultivate your sexual energy.
Impure intentions can leave imprints and the practice of “wrong religion” (i.e. unethical Tantra/using the word “Tantra” solely to market products) can pollute and cloud the ‘winds’. We encourage you to always prioritize the 6 Paramitas in your Tantra practice for the best and most healing results.

6 Paramitas are:

  1. Generosity -of heart, mind, and spirit
  2. Morality – i.e. ETHICS AND INTEGRITY
  3. Patience – for self and others
  4. Diligence – in practice and devotion to your practice
  5. Meditation – Meditate before you Masturbate!
  6. The Development of Wisdom – Yeah! Reading these posts helps that too!
Now that you know more about the healing power of your pleasure, and why sex is vital to your tantra practice, we encourage you to make good use of this wisdom and cultivate your ability to REST in the bliss of your own true nature… which is LOVE.
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