What is “Tantra Massage”??? In short, MARKETING!

We recently received a question about Tantra Massage asking “is it a thing? Is it “real” Tantra? Is it helpful or harmful, what’s your view?”

We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share our view on the topic of “tantra massage”.

Based on what I (Devi) have seen in the field of sacred sexuality and modern Tantra, the term “Tantra Massage” is very often code for “Erotic Massage with breathwork”.

Often people advertising “Tantra Massage” services are not trained in or practicing, ethical or ‘authentic’ tantra, and are using the word “Tantra” purely as a way of marketing erotic services.

That being said, THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS!

There are ethical, lineage-based Tantra practitioners who offer healing touch and guide their students/clients through the integrative practice of using mindful touch and sensual pleasure to heal and expand their capacity for connection, pleasure, and embodied PRESENCE.

“Tantra Massage” can be a very healing and integrative experience when provided by well-trained practitioners who are grounded in ethics and demonstrate integrity through words and actions.

Remember, Tantra is ultimately “energy medicine”, so if you are receiving energy through touch, you want to be sure that the ENERGY of your provider is ON POINT!

So this is an invitation for you as the consumer to do your research on your provider. Examine your teachers.

Tantra is Medicine and you are entitled to receive only ethical, responsible, and integrous practices from ethical, responsible, and integrous practitioners, who are fully aligned body, speech, and mind with the roots of the tantric traditions they claim to be drawing from.

Why would you settle for anything less?


Watch the video below for more!

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