The #1 Key to Expanding Pleasure

In Authentic Tantra we teach a specific practice called the “Orgasmic Awareness Practice”
This is a self-pleasure practice that is similiar to edging but with a tantric twist.
This is the #1 practice we teach to:
  • Live in bliss and harmony
  • Expand experiences of pleasure
  • Cultivate multiple orgasms
  • AND separate orgasm from ejaculation for lingam owners

The magic of this technique is that you can use a potent combination of pleasure, breath, and awareness to reprogram your nervous system to reside in a state of relaxed openness – even at high points or peaks of pleasure!

In Authentic, lineage-based Tantra, we call this state of relaxed, openness “Equanimity” and it is a RESULT of authentic,  tantric practice. 
Contrary to popular myth, living in bliss is NOT necessarily living in a state of exaltation in every moment. This actually indicates an imbalance, for what goes UP, must come DOWN. So we are not seeking the thrill of “peak states” in our practice. 
Rather, we seek and EXPERIENCE  an inner state of ease and flow… A sense of inner balance and harmony. 
Truly “Living in Bliss” is an experience of open, relaxed, PRESENCE- rooted in equanimity, and full of luminosity, clarity, and joy.
So how does one get from anxious, frantic and overwhelmed, to peaceful, open, fluid and blissful?
By using the number one technique we teach for expanding pleasure👆🏾
The Orgasmic Awareness Practice – A tantric approach to Deliberate Orgasm/OM
You can learn the Orgasmic Awareness Practice in our Tantra Mastery for Women of Color Program (open for registration through Feb. 13th 2023)

Learn Orgasmic Awareness!

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