What if, instead of feeling fear, guilt, ignorance and shame about our sexual and sensual pleasure, we understood it to be physically healthy, life-enriching, and supportive of our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being?

What if we were able to experience pleasure as an internal compass or guidance system, letting us know which actions were life serving, and which were not?


Our sexuality is a gateway to the divine. Literally.


According to Vajrayana Tantric teachings, the human body is designed such that every orgasm is literally a glimpse or “taste” of enlightenment.


The teachings instruct that at the moment of orgasm the moving pranas or “winds” in the genitals brush the central channel, (the core of the life-force in the body), and we get a taste of enlightenment.


Think for a moment of that brief, sweet, fleeting taste of bliss just as we orgasm –

Those few seconds of sweet freedom and pure ecstatic joy.

What we are experiencing in that moment is a glimpse of our enlightened mind…

Our “true nature” as it were.

But what if we were able to experience more than just a brief “glimpse” of orgasm?

What if we were able to extend and expand that moment of pleasure to last for several seconds, several minutes?

What if we were able to touch that central channel over and over again, as easily as breathing, naturally and effortlessly?


What might that do for our bodies, our minds, and our emotions?


I had spent most of my adult life in a state of dormancy- profoundly impacted by deep, unrecognized core wounding, stemming from early childhood trauma, which held me tight in the grip of self-denial, lack of self-worth, and fear of self-expression.

This wounding operated below my conscious mind, and therefore I was completely unaware of the effect that it had upon my sense of Self.

And yet, this was the state of being which I considered to be “normal.”


This is the state of existence which many people consider to be normal, experiencing just a mere fraction of their personal potential.


For me, freedom from this state of mind became possible only when I began engaging my sexuality with conscious intention and a sense of sacredness.

It was through healing my relationship to my sexual self, that I was able to uncover and begin healing the trauma/wounding, which had prevented me from being fully integrated and “whole” as a human being.

It was through accessing my sexual “pleasure potential” (i.e. the 11 different orgasms!) that I have been able to access my personal potential, and I believe that this is true for every human being.

I believe that only through consciously delving into the shadows surrounding our sexual fears, wounds, pains and pleasure will we become fully healthy, whole, and integrated as individuals, and eventually as a species.


Are you willing to step in the path to sexual freedom and empowerment?


I invite you on a journey of self-discovery and soul remembrance.

I invite you to dive deeply into the wisdom, vitality and passion of unrestricted sensual expression and soulful self-connection.

I invite you to reclaim the parts of yourself that have lain dormant and unseen, buried beneath the fear, pain and sensual ignorance of our cultural conditioning.


~ Excerpt from Shake Your Soul Song by Devi Ward- Get it HERE!

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