The controversy surrounding “squirting” and female ejaculation continues! Most recently, researchers in Japan conducted an experiment to determine the source of squirting.

The details of what they discovered can be found in the video below, but the long and short of it is – they discovered NOTHING NEW.

As we have been teaching at IATE for the last decade, the study confirmed that what we think of as “squirting” is in fact fluid that is being released from the bladder at certain points of sexual arousal.

They also found that this fluid, due to its chemical composition, is NOT URINE! Though, there may at times be urine mixed with the expelled fluid,  if there was already urine in the bladder when stimulation began.

So these wonderful researchers once again confirmed what we have already known and been teaching our students and clients for the past 10+ years. Thank you researchers, and THANK YOU to all of the sex education pioneers who were making this information available to us over a decade ago.

What we found even more interesting is this article here which verifies another aspect of female ejaculation that we have been teaching for years. And that is the confirmation that what we refer to as “squirting” and “female ejaculation” are NOT the same thing.

“Squirting’ refers to the copious amount of fluid that can be expelled through the female urethra at peaks of pleasure, during sexual stimulation. When the chemical composition of this fluid is studied,  it often contains traces of PSA- prostate-specific antigens, which indicates that this fluid is coming in contact with, or passing through, the female prostate gland.

“Female Ejaculate” IS the actual prostatic fluid that is released from the prostate glands embedded in the urethral sponge. This fluid is released in much less copious amounts than “squirting’, and is often slightly viscous, “milky”, white, and only about a teaspoon in quantity.

At IATE we actually teach FOUR different types of female emission and 15+ different types of orgasm that women and people with vaginas can have.

The human body is truly a miracle! And the better we understand our sexual anatomy, the more connection, pleasure, and peace we can experience in ourselves and our relationships.

So here’s to the miracle of human sexual pleasure and the anatomy to support it!

Watch the video below to find out more about the source of squirting.

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