Devi shares how to use Tantric mindfulness to antidote and resolve vaginal pain during intercourse!

Sexual intimacy is one of the most profoundly pleasurable experiences we can have as human beings.


But what happens when sex becomes painful or has always been painful?


Many people who experience vaginal pain may feel isolated, alone, and “broken”, and yet, far from being an extraordinary experience, pain during intercourse or stimulation is actually very common.

It is estimated that nearly 3 out of 4 women and people with vaginas have pain during intercourse at some time during their lives.

For some people the pain is only a temporary issue; for others, it is all they have ever known.

Authentic Tantra offers holistic methods for addressing and resolving ongoing pain during penetrative intercourse.

Click HERE for Devi’s Sex Is Medicine episode about Holistic Healing for Vaginal Pain

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