What is Karma and How Can You Improve Yours?

The word “Karma” has been part of the modern lexicon for decades, but many folx don’t really understand what it IS and how it works.

Karma is simply the universal law of cause and effect. It’s like the Universe’s “rules of the game of life”, but not just this life. EVERY lifetime we have ever lived gets included in the karma we experience in this lifetime…ugh!

The general rule of thumb is – All positive actions create beneficial results. All harmful actions create painful results. In Tibetan Buddhism, it’s understood that karmic tendencies follow us from lifetime to lifetime, and whatever our experience is in THIS lifetime, it is largely a result of karma that was generated in previous lifetimes.

For example – Have you ever had the experience that no matter how hard you worked or tried to get ahead, life was just constantly against you? No matter which way you turned there was yet another obstacle or roadblock?

That experience of being constantly “obstructed” and feeling “thwarted” in all your activities could be rooted in Karma. I know it was for me!

Now, this does not in any way override the realities of systemic racism, social injustice, economic disparities, etc etc. All of those things are very real “obstacles in the path”. But/and, even some of the ways in which we experience systemic injustice can be attributed to karma.

Devi in Detroit in 1994..strugglin’!

For example – even while living in poverty in Detroit several decades ago, amongst my group of friends and associates (who also lived in relative poverty and worked in the same places I did), there were some folx who seemed to navigate life’s challenges with ease and grace, and some folks who seemed to constantly get sucker punched by life.


When you remove social, economic, and racial factors, (cuz we were all in the same boat together on those points), what explains the vastly different experiences of either being “supported or thwarted” by life?


Tibetan Buddhism will tell you that difference is Karma.

Here’s the good part though…

Tibetan Buddhism also understands that negative karma can be purified, largely by doing beneficial activities to generate “merit”.

And guess what? It’s not hard to do at all! In fact, you may be doing some of these things already.

Some simple ways you can generate positive merit are:
  • Feeding animals
  • Being KIND to people and animals!
  • Using Tantric speech to bring enrichment to the people in your life
  • Feeding spirits in your home and environment
  • Giving and receiving pleasure
  • Making LOVE with the presence of compassion, kindness, LOVE and connection
  • Saying the mantra of compassion to animals and children – Om Mani Peme Hung

In short, any activity that creates more balance, harmony, joy, love, and connection within ourselves and our physical reality is auspicious and beneficial.

Side note – My jaw literally hit the floor when I found out that “feeding animals” generated positive Karma. I was like – “my cat would blow out my eardrums with her incessant complaining if I didn’t feed her. You mean I actually get “karma points” for opening a can of tuna every day? Hell yeah, I’m in!”

In fact, in Tibetan Buddhism it is said that one auspicious beneficial action has the potential to purify a lifetime in Hell 😳 Sign me up for that!

I’ve personally found Tibetan Buddhist Tantric practices to be incredibly effective at CHANGING YOUR LIFE 💯 for the better at lightning speed 😉 (Vajrayana Tantra = The Lightening path).

When I started practicing Vajrayana and Tibetan 5 Element Tantra I was cleaning houses in Kauai. And though that was lovely work that I am very grateful for, it was limited in scope with no potential for advancement.

Now I own a 2 million-dollar house and have established the first and only government-accredited school for Tantric Sexual Healing in the WORLD y’all!


These are the results that have manifested for me by transforming my karma through the Dharma of lineage-based Tantra. What results will you see????

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