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Stoking your “Inner Fire” with self-pleasure

Self-pleasure tips for your “bliss pearl” (aka clitoral glans = glans of the penis)


“Cultivating the inner fire” is how mindful masturbation is referred to in Tantric Buddhism. Unfortunately the pleasure techniques themselves were lost in translation. That’s why we provide pleasure tips and techniques to help you realize your Buddha nature through shame-free sensual pleasure and loving connection with your body.


Save this post for the next time you want to have a solo self-pleasure session to cultivate your inner fire…


1. Switch up your hands & fingers:

Instead of defaulting to using your regular fingers, try to explore by playing around with different fingers or your non-dominant hand. Different fingers carry and transmit different energy. You can also switch up the pressure and pace you use and notice if different sensations come up in your body.


2. Try different types of touch:

Pull the hood of your clitoris back very gently and take your time exploring each part of your clitoral glans. Use a variety of touches, such as doing long strokes, to very light/ fast taps. Always remember to breathe and use lots of lube!


3. Stimulate the shaft:

The shaft is located just above the glans and is the sensitive tip of the clitoris. Moving away from the glans and focusing on the shaft creates new kinds of sensations and pleasure. Play around by rolling it, do circles, tap it, press it – sense what feels good in your body.


4. Stimulate the legs:

The clitoral legs are accessed by pressing the area under the outer lips, against the V-shape bone of the pelvis. The pudendal nerve moves through this area. Try stimulating this area through long up & down strokes and notice what kind of pleasure arises in your body.

Want More?

Learn more about your pleasure zones in our Female Pleasure Guide video series!

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