Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga – What is it and where to begin?

Tantra as a sexual awakening practice is gaining more and more attention in mainstream media, causing many to wonder if Tantra is “the new Yoga” in Western society.

That’s an interesting viewpoint because traditionally, Tantra already IS a form of Yoga.

In fact, I was instructed that from the perspective of Vajrayana Tantra, “Tantra” is the highest from of yogic practice – designed to integrate body, mind, spirit, and sex.

Yoga means “union”, “union path”, or “union practice”, and there are many different styles of yogic practice.

The most familiar style of yogic practice for us Westerners is Hatha Yoga, or body-based yoga practices, which include different asana or postures to open the body and clear the energy channels.

In Hinduism, other types of traditional yogic practice include Jnana Yoga (the path of knowledge), Bhakti Yoga (the path of devotion), Karma Yoga (the path of action), Laya Yoga (the path of awareness)


The most important aspect of any yogic practice is your underlying motivation.


Traditionally the primary motivation for all types of yogic practice is union with the Divine, union with God, union in body, mind, and spirit.

But true union cannot be achieved through denial of any aspect of our humanity, so instead of renouncing the worldly or earthly realm, some Tantric lineages provide guidance for practitioners to integrate spiritual practice into daily activity. This allows the practitioners to purify any sense of separation between spiritual yoga and mundane activities.

At its core, Tantra teaches us that there is no separation between meditation and life, there is no separation between sexual practice and spiritual practice, and ultimately there is no separation between the earthly and the divine.

True union of body and spirit can only be achieved through embracing the human experience in its entirety, including and in some cases most especially, our sexual experiences.

Because sexual intercourse is in fact a physical union practice, it makes an incredible amount of sense to approach it as a form of “Yoga” in order to make the experience of union even more ecstatic, fulfilling, and profound.


And we do this by applying mindfulness to sex!


Mindfulness is a growing trend in modern society, and rightly so!

Mindfulness practices have been shown to reduce stress and alleviate many common ailments such as anxiety, depression, inflammation, etc.

Traditional and modern lineage-based Tantric practices, such as Authentic Tantra®, emphasize cultivating mindful presence outside of sexual activity, and then offer somatically-based practices for applying this same potent awareness to the sexual experience.

Applying mindful presence to sexual activity can have the effect of:

  • Dissolving feelings of shame and guilt
  • Deepening feelings of connection
  • Awakening more pleasure and joy
  • Healing sexual trauma
  • Resolving chronic sexual dysfunctions such as vaginal pain, ED and PE.


The recent increase in reports of sexual harassment and assault highlight in vivid detail for us the extreme need for sexual healing and balance in our culture.

Imagine the society we would live in if every couple of every sexual orientation had effective tools for:

  • Connecting deeply and powerfully every day
  • Giving and receiving the most amazing sensual pleasure
  • Creating time for intimate connection
  • Deepening intimacy through open, loving and compassionate communication
  • Education about how our bodies work and closing the “orgasm gap”
  • Meditation practices to heal the body and nourish the mind


The wisdom of Tantric Yoga practice is gravely needed in today’s world.


There is a need for effective and well trained Tantra teachers in the world, who have received adequate training and had the opportunity to move through their own healing process.

It is through healing ourselves through the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly practice of these methods that we become qualified to support others through the same process and help them realize the inner peace and joyful pleasure that is every human being’s birthright.

For the benefit and welfare of all beings on this planet, it is my wish that Tantra as a sexual wellness practice becomes as widely practiced as Hatha Yoga has become in Western society.

Want More?

If your heart yearns to support others in healing sexual ignorance and shame, and you have been searching for the right tools and qualified guidance to light the path, we encourage you to join us for the  Authentic Tantra Certification program and become part of the new wave of conscious sexuality that is breaking upon the shore of modern society.

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