healing genital shame

A Tantric Practice for Healing Genital Shame

Our natural relationship with our bodies is one of wonder, curiosity & magic. 
Genital shame is not something we are born with. It’s something that is passed on and imposed upon us. This shame cuts us off from our own bodies and the inherent wisdom which resides within each of us.  Being cut off from our own inner wisdom is traumatic and causes illness and suffering.
Tibetan 5 Element Tantra is an ancient system of healing designed to transform all forms of suffering, including and most especially, the suffering of sexual ignorance, guilt, and shame.
Here is a short Tantric Mindfulness Practice incorporating healing wisdom from Tibetan 5 Element Tantra that can help you begin healing your relationship to your genitals and dissolve “blocks to bliss”.
Step 1: Expand Your View
Take it upon yourself to learn about and explore genital diversity. Genitals are somewhat like snowflakes, in that each one is unique.
Having a visual modeling of the almost infinite variety of genital expressions can help ease your subconscious beliefs that you are somehow abnormal or broken.
Here are some resources:
Step 2: Connect with yourself

Create your sacred space, with soft music and lovely smells. Get a hand-held mirror and place it between your thighs. Just look at your genitals and observe them without judgment.

Think back to the many expressions of genital diversity you saw before, and take this time to celebrate your own beautiful genital expression.

Step 3: Use Tantric Speech

Speak words of love and appreciation to your genitals while viewing them.

Find parts of your genitals that you appreciate and speak those words out loud. You can express appreciation about visual aspects, such as shape and color, or you can express appreciation for how your genitals function as an organ of BLISS.


What makes this practice “Tantric”?

1. The intention to heal, connect with and cultivate your divine human essence
2. Creating sacred rituals + sacred containers to cultivate greater awareness and facilitate freedom from the suffering of sexual shame
3. Activating the elemental energy in your environment by enriching the 5 senses
4. Speaking words of appreciation enriches the Earth Element and supports the healing of body, mind, and sex
If you’ve tried this practice or have questions about it, let us know in the comments below! 

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