Cultivating Pleasure Consciousness

Cultivating Pleasure Consciousness with Authentic Tantra’s 10-Spot

We live in a culture that prioritizes our pain by continually asking us how we are feeling on a pain scale.

When you are at your doctor’s office you may be asked how you are feeling pain-wise on a scale from 1-10.

While exercising you may have heard the phrase “No Pain, No Gain”.

It has scientifically been proven that what we focus on grows, and because our focus is continually on our pain, those feelings can end up, unintentionally, increasing in our lives.

Authentic Tantra’s pleasure journal practice asks for us to move away from the pain scale and shift our focus to where we are experiencing pleasure instead. When we can shift our focus to the pleasure that we are experiencing in our lives, instead of merely our pain, we can be assured that our pleasure will increase.

The more pleasure we can cultivate and appreciate outside the bedroom, then the more we are able to experience greater pleasure inside the bedroom. One of the main components of the pleasure journal practice is utilizing a pleasure scale known as finding your 10-spot.

The 10-spot practice provides a framework that can support you in shifting this pain-focused paradigm to discover and celebrate the simple pleasures that you experience in your everyday life both in and out of the bedroom.


So, what is the 10-spot PLEASURE practice and how can you incorporate it into your everyday life?


The 10-spot pleasure practice is simple.

Ask yourself how you are feeling in any given moment pleasure-wise on a scale from 1-10. If your experience is not at a 10 on your pleasure scale, what can you change in order to make it a 10? The 10-spot practice can be done in the moment and/or afterwards as you reflect on an experience while writing in your pleasure journal.

Focusing your attention on your 10-spot allows you to cultivate pleasure consciousness by bringing awareness to the pleasure in your life and how it can be increased. Finding your 10-spot is also a powerful way to practice self-care and explore your creativity. From your simple tea or coffee morning routine to tantric masturbation practices, pleasure can be found throughout your day.

When we can be brave and ask the question, “What is it that I need to change in order to find and experience my 10-spot of pleasure?” we have the ability to tap into our birthright of sovereignty and intuitive empowerment. Once we have asked ourselves the 10-spot inquiry, we can also allow ourselves the patience and grace to receive our answer, while also remaining open in the knowing that something in our lives may need to change.

As we expand and evolve on our path of healing and saying yes to cultivating pleasure consciousness, change is inevitable. By utilizing the 10-spot and pleasure journal practice we can do our best to navigate our changes with mindfulness, love, and compassion.  

Written By: Ceborah Smith – Authentic Tantra® Practitioner

About Ceborah Smith

Ceborah Smith’s journey of healing has led her to become an Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, (Provisional), Certified Health Coach with a Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Certification from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University, Certified Akashic Records Consultant-Trauma Informed, Certified Light Language Facilitator, Usui Reiki Master Energy Healer, Certified Behavior Change Specialist, Certified 300Hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Channeler, Sound Healer, and Self Love Guide.

Ceborah also has a Bachelor’s Degree from The Ohio State University in the College of Human Ecology.

As a survivor of childhood abuse, Ceborah utilizes tools from over 15 years in the Health and Wellness Space to support her clients in healing from trauma and chronic stress & illness.

Learn more about Ceborah on her website HERE

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